What Makes Us Special

Personal Touch and Handcrafted Itineraries:

Unlike larger travel companies, we are a boutique travel company that takes pride in crafting personalized itineraries. Running between 8-14 trips a year allows us to focus on the details of your experience – from the time you book to the time you step back into your home after your adventure.

Medical Trip Peru
CME Adventure Patagonia
Adventures with Old Friends

MedTreks has built and continues to expand a wonderful tight-knit community of health professionals who are passionate about travel and adventure, many of whom return year after year to embark on new adventures together. Our trips foster a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re exploring the world with old friends.

Unveiling Hidden Gems:

With our years of experience and intimate knowledge of various destinations throughout all seven continents, we have the ability to uncover the best-kept secrets in each place. Our handpicked locations, boutique 3-5 star hotels, and selection of gourmet but local cuisine, provide a sense of luxury without the exorbitant price tags.

CME Adventure Namibia
Dolomites CME Hiking Tour
Balancing Work and Play

As healthcare providers, we understand that while medical professionals seek educational opportunities, they also deserve a chance to unwind and have fun. We strive to strike the perfect balance between enriching CME opportunities and enjoyable adventure travel experiences, ensuring that our guests can relax, meet new friends and make cherished memories.

Designed by Medical Professionals, for Medical Professionals

What sets MedTreks apart from other companies is that our founders, owner and faculty are immersed in healthcare on a regular basis and understand the desires of health professionals to learn, make a difference, but also enjoy and have fun on adventures. Adventure with purpose is our goal.

Whitewater Rafting CME Trips
Ari Rasori MedTreks owner
Owner Involved in Every Trip

From designing the itineraries to picking the best restaurants, choosing expert faculty and guides – the owner of MedTreks, who has been immersed in the travel industry since childhood, brings extensive guiding experience for over 15 years while still actively working as a healthcare provider in the Emergency Department.  This unique background ensures that our offerings cater to the needs and interests of medical practitioners.

A Fusion of Medical Education and Travel Expertise

Our deep-rooted understanding of both the medical field and the travel industry allows us to provide a seamless experience where education and adventure go hand in hand. Our programs not only offer top-notch CME credits but also enriching cultural experiences and unique adventures.

MedTreks Peru

Come join us on an unforgettable journey that will not only expand your medical horizons but also create memories to last a lifetime. Get ready to experience the world like never before.

Join us on a MedTreks Adventure.

MedTreks International
What our Guests Say

“I love MedTreks because I am so well taken care of. Everything from where we stay, the food, the adventure and the incredible education. I always feel safe because every trip is well researched and vetted. While the trips are well planned with great itineraries there is also time to explore on your own if interested.  I’ve been on many MedTreks trips and I can’t wait to add another one to my list” – J.F. RN, California

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