Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Course

Ashland, Oregon

Join us for a Wilderness First Responder certification course in the awesome outdoor town of Ashland, Oregon.  Our 70-80 hour Wilderness First Responder course is a hybrid style with 30 hrs of in-person instruction and 50 hrs of online content completed prior to the start of the course. The WFR is designed to provide an individual with an in-depth knowledge of wilderness medicine, and the basic skills to treat the most common injuries and illnesses encountered in the outdoors. This program is appropriate for professional outdoor/river guides and other non-medical people who want a deeper understanding of wilderness medicine.


  • Spend the weekend in the charming mountain town of Ashland, Oregon  
  • Our course will be a mixture of classroom learning and outdoor skills based learning on Mt. Ashland and the surrounding areas
  • Learn from our expert faculty who have extensive experience in Wilderness Medicine
  • Gain confidence in learning how to manage injuries in the wilderness setting

Dates: March 1st-3rd, 2024

Price: $650

WFR Recertification: $350 (Those students that are recertifying will have upwards of 20 hours of online course work, and will only be required to attend the first two days of the training)

Wilderness First Responder

3 Day Wilderness First Responder Course 

Students will learn the latest wilderness medicine skills for patient assessment, treatment, and evacuation. Our expert instructors employ a wide scope of teaching methods, balancing lectures with practical, hands-on skills and scenarios. Emphasis is placed not just on the materials learned, but the critical decision making skills surrounding effective backcountry medical management.

Upon course completion, students will earn the WFR certification, valid for two years (with a one year grace period), and a CPR/BLS plus AED certification, also valid for two years.


    The materials below above are covered via online and in-person didactic lectures, small group discussions, practical skills sessions, and live scenarios. Each topic will describe pathology, treatment, and prevention, and provide evacuation guidelines necessary for high-quality patient care. This curriculum is continually reviewed for best practices and the most up-to-date guidelines.

    The WFR curriculum includes, but is not limited to topics such as:

    • Patient Assessment Scene Size-up, Primary Survey, Secondary Survey
    • CPR/BLS
    • Bleeding and Shock
    • Wound and Burn Management
    • Fractures & Dislocations
    • Chest Injuries
    • Abdominal Injuries
    • Head and Spine Injuries
    • Near Drowning
    • Lightning
    • Heat-Related Illness
    • Hypothermia & Cold-Related Illness/Injury
    • Genitourinary Emergencies
    • Psychology in the Wilderness
    • Neurological Emergencies
    • Intro to Diving Medicine
    • Altitude Illness
    • Avalanche Risk and Avoidance
    • Law and the Wilderness
    • Poisoning Emergencies
    • Evacuation Guidelines
    • Improvised Litters & Carries
    • Skin, Wilderness Dentistry, Illness & Injury of the Eyes

    Welcome to Ashland Oregon!

    This is our headquarters for MedTreks and we are excited to welcome you to this very cool corner of the world! Known for its cultural offerings and natural beauty, Ashland is home to a many delicious restaurants, boutique shops, and art galleries. You can start you day with breakfast on the plaza and head out on foot from town on a hike through the incredible trail network that Ashland has to offer. There should still be plenty of snow this time of year, so bring your ski/snowboard gear! 

    Ashland Oregon medical Conference

    Course Details

    Dates & Prices

    Dates: March 1st-3rd, 2024 (8am-6pm daily)

    Cost:  $650 for 3 day Wilderness First Responder Course & Certification


    • Welcome package
    • 3 day Wilderness First Aid Instruction
    • 50 hrs of online modules and coursework access
    • WFR Certification upon Course Completion (Course accredited by AdventureMed)


    • Meals
    • Transportation
    • Lodging