Kenya CME Safari & Global Health Campaign

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Global Health & Travel Medicine CME Course & Safari

August 12th-21st, 2023

Join us in Kenya! This is our flagship program, over a hundred medical professionals have been a part of this over the last 2 decades. MedTreks Kenya is a unique opportunity to experience sustainable global health while gaining CME in wilderness & travel medicine. In collaboration with Village HopeCore International – a community health program that offers clinical services to over 500 villages in Kenya – medical professionals will be part of this unique opportunity to experience sustainable healthcare during this medical campaign and knowledge exchange. It is an excellent way to learn key global health concepts while contributing to improving the planet and strengthening the global health workforce.

Up to 12 hrs of Category 1 CME (MDsNPs/PAs) and 12 Nursing CEs available!

Trip Highlights

MedTreks International

  • Learn about key health issues and best practices for addressing community health in Africa
  • Work side by side Kenyan health professionals in a cross-cultural medicine environment
  • Provide hands-on skills training to local Kenyan health professionals
  • Engage in discussions and help facilitate workshops to address quality and efficiency in healthcare delivery
  • Share your expertise! Our programs are designed to assist in the professional development and capacity building of local Kenyan healthcare workers.
  • End your Kenyan journey with an incredible 4 day safari in Samburu & Sweetwaters

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Dates: August 12-21st, 2023

Prices: $3,595

Detailed Itinerary

The Adventure Begins...

For a detailed schedule of the trip, please download the free itinerary below.

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MedTreks Kenya Itinerary

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Medical Trip Kenya
About HopeCore

Village HopeCore International (HopeCore) is a community health and development program located on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Their team is dedicated to fostering integrated social and economic development in rural communities, which is what’s made them the ideal community partner for MedTreks.

We have been fortunate to have some of MedTreks core faculty be part of HopeCore’s program since its inception in 2001. Through the integration of health interventions, both preventative and curative, health education, micro loans, skills-based training, and staff capacity building, HopeCore is reducing the burden of poverty for vulnerable populations in the Maara Sub County.

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Global Health Field Course & Medical Campaign

A unique opportunity to experience sustainable healthcare in the beautiful villages of rural Kenya. Expand your horizons, learn key global health concepts, contribute to improving the planet and strengthening the global health workforce. 

Our Global Health & Travel Medicine Seminar is designed to equip MedTreks participants with pertinent travel medicine and global health topics that will help make the clinical work throughout the week more enjoyable and fulfilling. The format for this day is mixed with discussions, video, slide presentations & hands-on skills. This seminar provides a valuable set of knowledge and training for anyone interested in the global health & humanitarian medicine field.

Course Description & Objectives

This course is accredited for up to 12 hrs of Category 1 CME. Learners will have access to an online and printed syllabus and course handbook with a robust list of resources. 

Section1: Travel Medicine Objectives: 

  • Describe core concepts in travel medicine and how to stay healthy abroad: travel immunization, medical insurance, safety.
  • List prevention & treatment of common vector-borne diseases: malaria, dengue, chikungunya
  • Define the basic principles of food precautions & treatment options for traveler’s diarrhea
  • Describe five methods for in-the-field water disinfection
  • Discuss the core components of a backcountry/expedition medical kit

Section 2: Wilderness Medicine Objectives:

  • Describe prevention & treatment of heat and cold-related injuries: hyperthermia disorders, primary and secondary hypothermia, frostbite, and non-freezing cold injuries.
  • Understand the pathophysiology of acute mountain sickness, high altitude pulmonary edema and high-altitude cerebral edema, and current concepts for various prevention and treatment options.
  • Discuss the prevention and treatment current concepts for lightning injuries.

Section 3: Global Health Objectives:

  • Outline core concepts in providing effective and efficient global health and humanitarian medical assistance in resource-limited settings.
  • Understand the medical advances in 21st Century global health.
  • Learn how to identify, evaluate and select medical volunteering positions in the developing world.
  • Explain how population growth and global warming affect the health of developing world populations.

To learn more about the course, please click the link below. 

HopeCore's Program in Kenya

Public Health Impact

Since 2001, Village HopeCore International has been working to alleviate poverty and build healthy communities through their income generation, capacity building & public health programs. This Kenyan based NGO now serves over 300,000 people through their various programs.

Village HopeCore International

45,000 Students

Now have access to clean drinking water in their schools provided by HopeCore.
MedTreks Kenya

24,000 Mothers & Babies

Have received health education and basic health check-ups
Our Team at MedTreks Kenya

800 Community Health Workers

Have been trained and certified through HopeCore's Education Program
Village HopeCore International

23,500 Mosquito Nets

Have been distributed to children and their families through our mobile clinic & school program.
Medical Volunteer Kenya
Program Location

This program takes place in the beautiful region of Chogoria, at the base of Mt. Kenya. It is an approximate 3 hrs drive from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. We arrive on day one at our hotel in downtown Chogoria. This will be your home for the full week. The hotel is simple but clean, safe and comfortable. There are hot showers, internet, a restaurant, bar and conference area. Enjoy coffee on the garden balcony or read a book out in the backyard garden. More information in our itinerary in link below!

What Others Say

MedTreks Kenya Program Faculty

We look forward to sharing this experience with you.

Trip Information

Cost & Signing Up

Trip Dates:

August 12th-21st, 2023

Cost: $3,595 (based on double occupancy)

CME Fee: $695 (MD/PA/NP) 

CEU Fee: $350 (RN, Social Worker) 

All participants receive a Certificate of Global Health, Wilderness & Travel Medicine Field Course upon completion. 

** Please Note: This program is designed as a fundraising trip for HopeCore but also to support the MedTreks faculty who provide ongoing assistance to Kenya throughout the year. A large portion of your costs goes to clinic supplies and HopeCore’s public health program operations in addition to scholarships for Kenyan nurses to participate in the MedTreks educational opportunities. Thank you for choosing to support our program!

What is included: 

  • 1 night hotel lodging in Nairobi (August 12th)
  • 5 nights hotel lodging in Chogoria (August 13th-17th)
  • 3 nights luxury Safari lodging (August 18th-21st)
  • Breakfast & Dinner on all days in Nairobi & Chogoria
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner while on Safari
  • Global Health, Wilderness & Travel Medicine Lectures
  • Local Guides & Interpreters
  • Conference & Course materials
  • MedTreks T-shirt
  • Certificate of Course completion

What is not included: 

  • Tips, alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, airfare, airport transfers to hotel in Nairobi, hotel in Nairobi for early or late departures, Kenyan Visa. 

We know that traveling to Kenya can be intimidating, don’t worry, our MedTreks staff have been running trips to Kenya for over 20 years and we are ready to take you through every step of the process to make sure that you feel safe, prepared and informed.

“At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back”. 

~Denzel Washington