From Past MedTreks Kenya Participants


“Thank you for the opportunity to join the MedTreks Team in Kenya.

This experience was incredibly eye-opening and heartwarming! The setting and accommodations in Chogoria were beautiful and the service was above and beyond. The cultural exchange amongst healthcare workers in the U.S. and healthcare workers in Kenya was exceptional and enlightening. The guidance and navigation through the villages made me feel safe and comfortable yet also provided a “hands off” approach to learning that allowed me to have an individual experience with the healthcare workers, students, and families. I also really enjoyed the community dinners, dancing, and soccer that encouraged mutual appreciation and teamwork. I signed up for this program thinking I was going to be volunteering my time, but instead I feel like I was given much more than I ever hoped to contribute. I came home feeling re-invigorated about medicine and inspired by the comprehensive approach that Hope Core and MedTreks provides to the community of Chogoria. I gained an indispensable education regarding humanity, communication, and global health.”

Registered Nurse, Nevada, USA

“For over 15 years, I was dreaming of visiting Africa …Not only that dream came through this summer but the reality turned out to be much better that I could have ever imagines.  I came back re-energized, uplifted and inspired.  It was a life-changing experience and gave me a sense of a new direction.  Being surrounded by people with such big hearts, who care so deeply about the wellbeing of others, has been invigorating, and humbling, and instantly created a sense of belonging.  The Village HopeCore and MedTreks team – you became a part of my heart forever. I was deeply touched by the tremendous resiliency, optimism, commitment, and a sense of community.  The dedication of every single team member to improve the wellbeing of their community simply shined through.   Besides a great sense of rhythm, and a love for dancing, HopeCore staff lives and breathes its mission, and is in my eyes, represents an exemplary team – one to humbly learn from and to admire from anywhere in the world.”

Nurse Practitioner, Colorado, USA

MedTreks Kenya
MedTreks Emergency Medicine Nurses

“You have to experience the magic of what HopeCore delivers to its community, health care, health education, and poverty eradication, a recipe for success.  Kenyan run and sustainable it is an inspiration to be amongst these people who care so very much about their community.

I’m so very grateful for the warmth with which you welcomed us into your community.  I appreciated every day in clinic and allowing me to learn while I was teaching.  I thoroughly enjoyed being tired with you at the end of a day where we saw 42 patients.  I will miss each and every one of you and hope to hear from you about interesting cases on VSEE until I am next able to travel back to Chogoria.

With genuine admiration.”


“Training Village Hope Care staff in the Helping Babies Breathe Program was the purpose of my trip, yet only a partial highlight.  A glimpse into the work of Village Hope Care staff demonstrated a strong commitment and passion to the health of the people of Chogoria and its surrounding vicinity.  It was enlightening to learn about the different roles everyone performed to holistically address the health of the people – from their microfinance programs, youth groups and various health clinics.  Time spent in the outreach clinic and school health clinics were the highlights of my trip. I learned so much from working alongside the Village Hope Core staff.  I was humbled by the nursing care and health education they provided – giving compassionate and skilled care with limited resources.   Their joy and compassion was infectious!  The combination of learning and recreational experiences organized by MedTreks provided an experience that I will always remember.”

Registered Nurse, Oregon, USA

Kenya Medical Program
Medical Volunteer Abroad

“For me this was a life changing experience, from the way Ari organized  our time, to getting to know the fabulous HopeCore staff.. I feel grateful and am still basking in the glow of  Kenya. It was an honor to work with the folks at HopeCore. They were welcoming and kind.  I loved their sense of humor, and dedication to their patients. I could easily fill up a page with accolades. Asante Sana HopeCore!”


“I don’t know if you realize what a special thing MedTreks is or how beautiful the MedTreks / HopeCore relationship is. You’re providing an opportunity for 2 different cultures to share talents and education with each other. The experience is priceless and I can’t wait to return.Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all were so nice and hospitable to us. I appreciate your patience in letting us follow you around the schools, your grace was not over looked. I hope our suggestions were helpful to you.”

C.G, RN, California, USA

Medical volunteer in Kenya meets with a patient
Medical Volunteer Abroad

“I was introduced to HopeCore through MedTreks in 2018.  This was my second trip and I am amazed by how much HopeCore has grown in a year.  I enjoy learning from the HopeCore nurses and also providing them with resources so they can improve their delivery of care.  The week in Chogoria gives me a perspective that shifts the way I view my own work as a nurse.  We as a MedTreks team come to teach but in the process, as my heart is moved, I am the student gaining both personal and professional growth.

I appreciate HopeCore so much for allowing us to visit and participate again. It is an outstanding program and I am great full they open up their home to us.  I enjoy the special care the team provides when we visit.  HopeCore has really good drivers and I am so thankful for them.”

J,W. RN, Oregon, USA

Thank you for the opportunity to join the MedTreks Team in Kenya.

“Planning this trip to Kenya was filled with all sorts of emotions. Everything that I was expecting, exceeded my expectations and everything that I wasn’t expecting, happened. I felt so cared for and appreciated while in Kenya. Working with the HopeCore staff  was such a unique and wonderful experience. There are no words to express everything I have gained from this trip as well as from all the staff I had the privilege of working with. I recommend MedTreks to any one who is looking for an opportunity to escape their everyday work life yet be able to gain back so much more than what they expect to share with the beautiful people of Kenya.”

RN, California

Kenya Medical Volunteer Abroad
Medical Volunteer Abroad

“My time in Kenya was beautifully orchestrated by the MedTreks  team. The global health lectures  were perfectly  married to experiential education in the field. The accommodations were comfortable and crew of medical volunteers on the trip seemed well vetted. It was a great experience. I loved being welcomed as family. The adage a stranger is a friend you haven’t met, was a loved experience. The entire staff of HopeCore were professional and knowledgeable. They were continuously sharing their skills as well as learning from the MedTreks volunteers. What a fantastic group of compassionate humans.”

N.G, RN Oregon

“I had a great first-time experience volunteering abroad. I believe this was made possible due to the extensive work the team in Kenya has already done. There was no reinventing the wheel, clinics and events just flow! Thank you HopeCore for allowing us to see the amazing work you do. Thank you for welcoming each and every one of us and making us feel like family. I have so much love and gratitude for how amazing everyone treated MedTreks.”

J.G, RN, FNP-Student, CA, USA

Kenya Medical Trip
About Village HopeCore

“Thank you HopeCore staff for imparting your knowledge and hospitality to the MedTreks team. I felt welcomed and gained a whole new perspective on community healthcare and outreach. The HopeCore model is a powerful example to others. The way you all advocate for your community and give so much of yourself is an inspiration. Your kindness and compassion have continued to keep me smiling here at home.”

Nurse, Reno, Nevada

“The overall experience is not something I can get everyday. To have this opportunity and see how medicine is practiced will be cherished forever. I think the most amazing part for me was to see the education provided to the communities in and surrounding Chogoria. The HopeCore team does a truly amazing job with this.  Your ability to manage a diverse group was great and you can see your passion for this partnership each day.”

 Health Educator, Montana, USA

Medical Volunteer Kenya

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

~ African Proverb