MedTreks Kenya Diani Beach Retreat

Kenya Coastal Extension

This is the perfect retreat after a full week of medical and global health activities. The Kenyan coastline is an undiscovered gem and rounds out the full Kenya experience. This is a time to relax and unwind from a busy week working on global health projects. It can be as busy or relaxing as you want, with several optional activities:

  • Relax by the turquoise warm waters of the Indian Ocean
  • Explore Kenya’s tropical coastline by camel or take a long walk on the white sand beaches
  • Try a new water sport: snorkel from a glass-bottom boat or take a lesson in windsurfing
  • Savor a delicious meal in a 100,000-year-old cave, open to the evening sky with incredible star viewing
  • Feed bushbabies from a treehouse
  • Enjoy morning yoga by the water or relax by the pool with a book


Date: September 20th-23rd, 2022

How it Works with MedTreks Kenya Medical Trip:

Most people who make the trek to Kenya want to do some type of Kenyan adventure while they are there – and we highly recommend that you do! After several years of running trips to Kenya, we have been able to select the most authentic and affordable experiences with excellent local guides.

MedTreks offers two separate options for Kenyan adventures as part of the
MedTreks Kenya Global Health Trip:

Post-Trip Safari Extension in Masai Mara, Kenya (September 18-20th, 2022)

Coastal Post-Trip Extension Retreat in Diani Beach, Kenya (20th-23rd, 2022)

You are welcome to do one or both as optional extensions to your MedTreks Kenya Trip.

If you choose to do the beach extension, this will be after the 3-day Kenya Safari in the Masai Mara. We will return from our safari on the afternoon of September 20th. Included in the Diani Beach extension will be the hotel on the night of the 20th in Nairobi. You will be accompanied by a MedTreks guide the entire time. On the morning of September 21st, our drivers will take you directly to Nairobi Airport where you will take a short (less than 1 hr.) flight to Diani Beach. Our group will be greeted and transferred a short 10-minute drive to our waterfront resort. You have the afternoon to relax, enjoy a sunset cocktail, followed by a Welcome Dinner that officially heralds your retreat in paradise. You have earned it. We are thrilled to offer this experience as part of MedTreks Kenya. We haven’t had a single person arrive at this tropical location who hasn’t said “Wow, I had no idea this was in Kenya!” We love sharing the incredible gems of this country with our guests. It is well worth the extra few days.

Upon registering and submitting your deposit for the trip we will send you a Welcome Package, Packing List, and Travel Itinerary with clear instructions on how to get to Kenya.

Diani Beach Vacation
Asha Diani Boutique Hotel

The Kenyan coastline is an undiscovered gem. Located on the Indian Ocean, the tropical shores of Diani Beach are known for their white sand and turquoise warm waters.

Asha Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of Diani Beach, a beautiful stretch of the Kenyan coast, south of Mombasa. The beaches here are white-sand and the Indian Ocean twinkles under the African sun. There is a range of activities to do at Asha Boutique Hotel, including snorkeling trips, diving, dhow boat excursions, and more. And, after all that, there’s the appealing pool and sea at your beckoning.

Dining in the THE CAVE

An experience like no other – dining beneath a star-filled night sky in a 100,000-year-old cave. The Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant is situated 10 meters below ground in an ancient, naturally sculpted coral cave open to the sky. The restaurant serves international cuisine, specializing in seafood and world-class wine. To see the stars and moon through an open cave ceiling while you enjoy a good glass of wine and an excellent platter of seafood makes this a highlight to remember.


Price: $1,195

Dates: September 20th-23nd, 2022

Immediately step off the plane and feel the warm tropical weather soak into your skin. Our hotel guides will be at the airport to welcome and take us to our quaint and luxurious eco-resort, WaterLovers. We will have time to settle into our spacious suites. Every suite has a spacious private veranda overlooking the ocean and the style of the interior design is a blend of Swahili culture and Mediterranean style. Enjoy an evening cocktail while soaking your feet in the warm tropical waters or swinging from a chair at the outdoor beach lounge! You have arrived in paradise. The rest of the time is filled with as many or as few options of water and tropical activities as you wish. From snorkeling in a glass-bottom boat, to windsurfing, to taking a historic site tour, and feeding bushbabies from a treehouse… this is all an optional addition to your African experience. 

4 Day Beach Retreat 

Trip Includes:

  • 1 night Hotel in Nairobi (September 20th)
  • 2 night hotel in Diani Beach (September 21st & 22nd)
  • Airfare from Nairobi to the Coast (45-minute plane ride)
  • Transportation to/from airports to hotels
  • 3-night stay in beautiful, beachfront, boutique hotel
  • All meals (BLD) while on the Coast
  • Dinner in a 100,000-year-old cave (see below)
  • Bushbaby feeding from a treehouse
  • Global health CEUs & yoga classes
    **Based on double occupancy: please contact us for single occupancy availability at

***Excluded from the cost: tips, alcoholic beverages, water sport activities, and cultural excursions

Join us on the Kenyan Coast!

Upon registration, you will receive a Welcome Package with a travel Itinerary, packing list, an invitation to join the online MedTreks community, a course syllabus, and helpful resources to plan for this adventure!

We look forward to sharing this experience with you!

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~ Hans Christian Andersen