The Importance of Continuing Your Global Health Education

The Importance of Continuing Your Global Health Education Written by Dr. Mila Rojas   One of the first things people probably said when they learned you would be going to med school or nursing school was, “you’ll be studying forever!”. And they were correct. Anyone in the medical field knows that studying never ends because … Continued

Malaria ~ Strategies for eradicating a preventable disease

When a child is given a bed net, the whole family benefits… and so does the community. Why?     April 25th, 2019 was World Malaria Day and we would like to share some of the strategies that HopeCore uses in their public health program to help eradicate this preventable disease.  This day is about … Continued

Community Health Workers: Heroes in their Village

How HopeCore is continuing to implement community health on the slopes of Mt. Kenya ~Ari Rasori, RN, FNP Regardless of where one lives in the world, most parents share one thing in common, and that is having the trust that their children will have good healthcare when they are sick. In rural and resource-constrained areas, … Continued