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COVID-19 Toolkit

Education, Training Materials & Resources on COVID-19

MedTreks has been working with our partner program, Village HopeCore International, to design a comprehensive educational toolkit on COVID-19 for resource-limited areas of the world. The goal of this toolkit is to provide free education and training materials with the hope to open-source this toolbox for other health programs that are struggling to find the time to train their staff and provide them with the appropriate resources.

Below are the COVID Educational Resources 

Kenya COVID Toolkit

COVID-19 Education Toolkit

Our MedTreks teams have been working to build out a comprehensive COVID-19 Toolkit with Village HopeCore International.

COVID-19 Prevention Kenya

COVID-19 Educational Flyers

Free informational flyers and posters on COVID-19 disease, transmission and prevention

COVID-19 Prevention Kenya

COVID-19 Training Flipchart

COVID-19 Educational Flip Chart for Health Educators and Community Health Workers to use in their work day to help facilitate training to patients and community members

COVID-19 Prevention Kenya

COVID Social Media Toolkit

Free COVID-19 Social Media posts and informational resources

Global Health Resources

For Medical Volunteering Abroad