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About Our Trips:

Providing global opportunities for health professionals who want to make a difference in the world since 1985.

Our MedTreks adventures span across a variety of offerings from Wellness Retreats to Global Health Field Courses, from Medical Volunteer to Wilderness Whitewater Rafting. We believe there is not a set recipe for a well-rounded health professional and many of us crave a variety of skills and adventures in our life. Our passion for providing these experiences has connected us to some of the most incredible faculty and guides in the industry.

Carefully Crafted Itineraries

In the Most Incredible Corners of the World

We are a team of medical professionals who also have been running trips on all seven continents for over 3 decades. Thirty years of personal research and experience in running travel adventures, have allowed us to select destinations with the most knowledgeable and engaging local guides who passionately bring the history and culture of their own countries to life.

Our MedTreks faculty make up a very dynamic team – a fusion of health educators, medical professionals, wellness coaches and travel guides, who are not only experts in their field, but passionate about using their skills and expertise to strengthen the global health workforce.

What We Offer:

Explore Peru

Boutique Quality

We have been operating as a boutique adventure travel and global health company for the last 3 decades. We enjoy our work-life balance while running small group, hand-crafted trips. We work individually with our participants before, during and even after the travel experiences.

MedTreks Safari

The Extra Touch

We love adding the extra touches that make your experience magical. These are not just travel experiences, they are life investments. These are opportunities to step away from the routine, from the grind, to find connection, celebration, reprieve and replenishment.

Kenya Health Program

Sustainability Focused

We constantly seek ways in which our trips can make a positive impact to the places where we travel. Many of our trips have a GIVE BACK component where we provide resources and training to the local healthcare workers.

Our Trips Are Designed For

Anyone in the healthcare field who is wanting to gain knowledge, skills and experience in international travel, global health & humanitarian medicine. While our educational courses provide specific CE credits for nurses, all of our trips, workshops and programs are open to other health professionals: doctors, NPs, PAs, EMTs, LMFTs, PTs. We offer select trips that are structures to support medical students, PA/NP and nursing students. We also offer a non-medical wing to our adventure travel, open to anyone, not just in the medical field.

What We Have Learned

What we have learned over the last 30 years

Healthcare professionals are incredibly dedicated to helping others and seeking tools to help make them more successful at being the best they can be, personally and professionally. We strongly believe that part of being culturally competent healthcare providers, is staying curious and learning about other systems of healthcare delivery. This is why the majority of our trips have some kind of educational and healthcare service component. We are redefining the way healthcare professionals travel, learn and give back to the communities where they explore.

Medical Trip Kenya

Why Our Trips are Different

Educational & Purposeful 

Providing a unique way for healthcare professionals to travel with intention and purpose,  all of our trips incorporate some type of global health or cross-cultural medicine education component. We continually seek ways in which our programs and trips can further support the cultures and communities where we serve through our trips and courses. Many of our destinations also have an opportunity to witness first hand, the local healthcare system through observing clinics, home visits or local health organizations.

Immersive & Collaborative 

Being part of the global healthcare network, our medical volunteer and educational trips always have a way for medical professionals to immerse themselves on a deeper more meaningful level. We believe in making a positive contribution to every place we travel. During our Give Back program, our teams train local healthcare workers in the communities where our trips take place, on specific topics like CPR, first aid, maternal and child health etc. Between 3-10% of your trip costs gets donated to local organizations dedicated to public health, education or environmental conservation.

Authentic & Intentional 

MedTreks has 30 years of bringing groups and travelers around the world to experience cross-cultural medicine and witness the diversity of life in different corners of the planet. Through the years we have developed lasting friendships with our guides and tour operators. We partner with local outfitters who align with our responsible travel guidelines and regularly evaluate our trips to ensure they are executed within our sustainability principles.

MedTreks Kenya
Why Wellness Retreats?

Why We Include Wellness Retreats as Part of Our Curriculum:

Our core faculty has roots in Emergency Medicine, understanding first-hand how stressful and exhausting the healthcare system can be. After the first several years of running trips, it became apparent that healthcare professionals were also seeking ways to retreat, to disconnect in order to reconnect, before their burnout from healthcare took over their lives. It is for this reason that MedTreks includes Wellness and Holistic Health as part of our curriculum, because not only do we believe it is part of the global health continuum, we recognize that the pressured and often fast paced healthcare environment is causing more burnout than ever.

MedTreks Experience

Explore Egypt


Explore some of our most favorite wilderness and international destinations around the world. Travel with curiosity, purpose and discover the rich cultural and geographical history of Peru, Morocco, Kenya, Costa Rica, Mexico…

Medical Volunteer Kenya


Use your healthcare skills to make a difference in the world. Join our teams in Kenya, work with a community health project that provides healthcare services to over 500 villages. Share your knowledge, help build capacity.

Medical Course


Expand your global health skill set while exploring some of the most incredible places on the planet. Topics include: travel medicine, holistic health, medical Spanish, Wilderness medicine…hands on educational experiences in some of the most beautiful places in the world

Costa Rica


Global health and integrative medicine, retreats and outdoor experiences designed for healthcare professionals to gain skills in wellness, personal & professional development. Experiences that are not only life-changing, but inspiring and purposeful.

We Love What We Do

We Look Forward to Sharing this Big Beautiful World with You:

Every day we get to work with passionate and curious travelers, healthcare professionals and adventure enthusiasts. The vibe on our trips are always positive, friendly, inclusive and supportive. We welcome solo travelers, couples, family and sometimes even children! We love what watching people have life changing experiences. We look forward to experiencing and sharing these incredible adventures with you.

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Surround yourself with people who challenge and inspire you. Be part of a global health community that works to build capacity and creates healthcare solutions. Travel and network with other like-minded healthcare professionals in remote regions of the globe. Our trips are an incredible way to collaborate with colleagues who share a passion in making a difference in the health of the world. Often our trips facilitate life-long friendships and inspire innovative approaches to cross-cultural healthcare delivery.

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“Everyone has a purpose in life, a unique gift or special talent to give others. When we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals”

~ Deepak Chopra