Strengthening the Global Health Workforce

Our MedTreks courses are designed to strengthen the global health workforce through education and travel opportunities, wellness retreats, professional development programs, public health internships, Medical Spanish programs and leadership training seminars.

Our Global Health focused courses are specifically designed for physicians and nurses who are interested in working in a global health setting. The topics that we cover in these courses were determined by our faculty who have taught travel medicine and global health for over 20 years.

Global Health in the 21st Century

The field of Global Health is expanding and evolving. Our mission is to strengthen the global health workforce by creating learning opportunities that inspire and empower health professionals to work in the global health arena. All of our MedTreks courses, seminars, adventures, and retreats have a global health component. Most of our MedTreks Trips have a “Global Health Course” as part of the travel or adventure experience. The following MedTreks Course Themes include one of the following:

Travel, Global Health & Humanitarian Medicine 

Wellness & Holistic Health 

Medical Spanish & Cross Cultural Medicine 

Global Health & Humanitarian Medicine
  • Core concepts in Global Health in the 21st century
  • Updates in Humanitarian Medicine, Innovations and Technology
  • Emerging Issues in International Medicine
  • Environmental Health: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
  • Nutrition, Child & Maternal health in the developing world
  • Cross-Cultural Medicine: understanding how to deliver care in different environments
  • Telehealth and Mobile Medicine in rural regions of the world
  • Key concepts in effective medical aid and community health
  • Self Care for Healthcare: wellness tips for medical professionals
  • Travel Medicine Updates: key concepts for staying healthy abroad

MedTreks Global Health & Humanitarian Medicine Curriculum

Section One: Global Health in the 21st Century

Core concepts in Global Health, including the 14 Child Survival technologies, key maternal-child health concepts, and emerging global health issues facing our world today.

Section Two: Self-care for Healthcare

Will cover various modalities and tools for patients and healthcare practitioners. Topics include stress reduction, nutrition, mind-body medicine, alternative therapies, traditional and cultural healing practices.

Section Three: Medical Volunteering in the Developing World & Disaster Preparedness

Will focus on medical volunteering in the developing world: how to stay healthy, find and evaluate positions. We will discuss basic disaster preparedness strategies. A list of 100 relevant websites on this topic will be overviewed.

Section Four: Infectious Disease & Travel Medicine Updates in the Developing World

Will cover the life cycle, basic biology of the parasite, the re-emergence of malaria in many parts of the world. Geographic specific risks to the traveler will be covered as well as recent advances in mosquito repellents, chemoprophylaxis, and medications used in the treatment of acute malaria. Pre-trip health planning, food and water precautions, water disinfection, travel safety, environment protection, travel immunizations, insect repellents.

Section Five: Sustainable Medicine in Resource-Limited Regions of the World

This section will review core material in global health with particular emphasis on the spread of communicable diseases and new emerging infections. It will address the key points of the importance of child-maternal health, health promotion, and disease prevention. It will also cover new and innovative ways of delivering health care in rural areas of the developing world.

MedTreks Mexico
Holistic Health & Wellness Curriculum

MedTreks has designed specific workshops and wellness retreats to help healthcare professionals build healthier lifestyle habits and self-care routines. Our Wellness Courses allow medical professionals to learn a variety of tools to help prevent workplace exhaustion, stress, and burnout. Spend the weekend relaxing and recharging with yoga, massage, meditation, and delicious farm-fresh meals. There will be workshops on stress reduction, rejuvenation exercises, workplace wellness, healthy eating, and cooking.

MedTreks Wellness Curriculum

Wellness & Holistic Health Classes

Retreats for Nurse Burnout

Wellness Workshops Include: 

  • Tools to Cultivating Joy & Satisfaction in Your Medical Practice
  • The Science of Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Anatomy of Yoga & Pilates
  • Physiology of Stress & Tools for Relaxation
  • Preventing Personal & Workplace Burnout
  • Integrative Health for Stress Reduction
  • Nutrition & Food as Medicine

What Participants gain from these Wellness Workshops

Yoga retreats for nurses

  • Explore mindfulness techniques to use for yourself and your patients
  • Learn relaxation exercises to support you in your workday
  • Enjoy delicious, organic, plant-based meals
  • Identify self-compassion tools that serve you as a foundation for work/life balance
  • Network with other health professionals dedicated to enhancing health & wellness
  • Reconnect with the purpose and inspiration of your work
  • Practice guided yoga & meditation and learn tips to incorporate into daily life
  • Experience creative arts such as music, painting & journaling
Medical Spanish Costa Rica
Medical Spanish

Our MedTreks Medical Spanish Curriculum was designed by medical professionals who work full time in the hospital and clinic setting and know which are the most important areas of Medical Spanish to cover. We design our courses to be high-yield and applicable to the hospital and clinic setting. We focus on three key areas:

  • Patient Intake & Triage 
  • Anatomy & Patient Assessment 
  • Most Common Chief Complaints 

If most medical professionals are proficient in the above areas, their Medical Spanish will take them very far in their clinical practice.

MedTreks Medical Spanish

About Our Courses

Benefits of Medical Spanish

  • Be able to provide immediate support to your Spanish-speaking patients
  • Increase your efficiency during patient care
  • Experience improved rapport with your patients

Specific Course Topics Include:

  • Clinical History
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Spanish Basics (pronunciation, numbers, time, common vocabulary, etc.)
  • Most common chief complaints presenting to the ER (abdominal pain, chest pain, cough, etc.)
  • Treatments and Patient education instructions

MedTreks Medical Spanish Bootcamp Costa Rica
About Nosara Spanish Institute:

NSI is an institution dedicated to teaching foreign languages, located on the beaches of Nosara on the North Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Its main activity is to offer intensive and semi-intensive courses of Spanish as a foreign language (SFL) to native speakers of any first language and of all ages.

The Nosara Spanish Institute’s working team is formed by Costa Rican and foreign entrepreneurs and teachers who share a passion for education and communication, with a sense of responsibility and commitment to the community.

A safari vehicle on an excursion in the Samburu during a MedTreks Kenya trip

MedTreks Kenya

Global Health & Medical Campaign
Mexico Wellness Retreat - MedTreks

MedTreks Mexico

Wellness & Yoga Retreat
Travel Costa Rica - MedTreks

MedTreks Costa Rica

Multi-Sport Medical Spanish
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MedTreks Peru

Mountain Medicine Campaign

Continuing Nursing Education

All MedTreks Courses are Approved for Nursing CEs

Nursing CE

All of our courses are approved for nursing continuing education. Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP16597, for 10-20 contact hours”. 

Our Model

We believe that, as healthcare professionals, we have a unique skillset that we can take anywhere in the world with us to help build capacity and strengthen healthcare systems. Most of our MedTreks Global Health & Medical Campaigns have a “Give Back” component where MedTreks hosts health education and skills training classes free of charge to the local community. Workshops usually include CPR, First Aid, patient assessment in rural situations, and the basics of public health. To learn more about our “Give Back” health campaign program, click below.

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