“Amazing experience! I’m so glad I went out of my comfort zone to do this. I can’t wait to do another MedTreks trip. The attention to detail with choice of instructor, local guides, hotels, food, drinks etc was very evident from day 1! Ecocamp was another amazing highlight.”

– MedTreks Patagonia, 2024


“Ari – again, what an amazing trip! Everything was perfectly coordinated, lodging was beautiful, food was excellent, guides were knowledgeable… Truly an amazing trip.”

MedTreks Patagonia, 2024




“Words cannot describe how amazing my time on the Morocco CME Hiking and Cultural tour was and I do not have the literary skill to attempt such a feat! From an amazing group to exploring the vast old medinas and learning about their intricate history from our personal guide Haddou to hiking in the Atlas mountains and experiencing the sunset, stars, and sunrise in the Sahara to walking in the ocean in Essaouria and everything in between, it was a wonder and privilege to learn about the history and people of Morocco, especially being welcomed in to the home of a Berber family! And don’t forget the cultural experience of the amazing cuisine, (including an optional cooking class!) and the luxury accomodations across the beautiful and welcoming country! I cannot recommend MedTreks enough and many thanks to Ari and her team for the dedication and ceaseless work giving us such an amazing experience! On to the next trip!” (C.C, Physician Assistant, MedTreks Morocco, 2023) 

“I truly had such an amazing time on this trip! Ari is incredible, so helpful and kind, also organized and thoughtful and communicative and approachable! She made this trip such a breeze! I felt like I just showed up and all the details were already worked out. I really enjoyed the Spanish course but also felt like we had plenty of time to do the fun things too! I had such a great time I want to do it again in February!” (E.G, RN Costa Rica)

“It was the trip of a lifetime! So much beauty and fun and learning. It was so great to be surrounded by like-minded people who share passion for medicine and the outdoors. Ari was organized and flexible with our schedule. She was focused on our learning but also on our FUN!” (S.G, MD. Dolomites, 2023)

“The Kenya trip was truly amazing! Being able to work with other nurses in Kenya was eye-opening, and exchanging education with the nurses and staff at Village HopeCore was an incredible experience. One of my passions in healthcare is Women’s Health, and being able to focus on Maternal Child Health at Village HopeCore was very special to me. The knowledge I gained on this trip will affect both my personal life and my nursing practice in the best way possible, and stay with me for years to come!” (M.D, RN from MedTreks Kenya)

“This was a phenomenal trip led by amazing people. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since I have never done an organized group trip abroad but this far exceeded my expectations. Active, engaging, rejuvenating, and fun- this trip had every element I was looking for and more. You could tell that the leaders of the group (Ari and Angie) put a ton of effort into making it a success and the effort showed. I will be recommending MedTreks to all of my friends and family!” (E.M, RN) Medical Spanish Costa Rica 

“For me this was a life changing experience, from the way Ari organized our time, to getting to know the fabulous HopeCore staff.. I feel grateful and am still basking in the glow of  Kenya.It was an honor to work with the folks at HopeCore. They were    welcoming and kind.  I loved their sense of humor, and dedication to their patients. I could easily fill up a page with accolades. Asante Sana HopeCore” (G.S, from MedTreks Kenya 2019)

“This trip was OUTSTANDING. I can’t say with words how much fun I had with MedTreks and Momentum River Expeditions. The white water was amazing, the food delicious, the accommodations luxurious, and the memories/relationships will last a lifetime. I had so much good, big fun! Highly recommend it to everyone” (S.S, EMT, MedTreks Women & Whitewater 2022)

“It was a fantastic educational adventure. The instructional staff were on top of the information and personable. The river guide staff took excellent care of us. Who knew you could have food this good on a camping trip? The territory we rafted/kayaked through was beautiful. Loved every bit of it. I’d do it again and have recommended it to my colleagues” (R.C, Physician Assistant on Rogue River CME Safari)

“Trip was absolutely amazing, would do it again in a heart beat”
(N.G, Nurse Practitioner on the Cal Salmon WLS:MP Course)

The whole experience was far beyond my expectations. Wonderful Peruvian people and culture, well organized, great accommodations, fantastic food, geography beyond belief. Rene, our tour guide, was fantastic. He is a very experienced tour guide with a wealth of knowledge and his passion for his culture was wonderful to see. Med treks International gets my highest recommendation! (W.R, California for MedTreks Peru)

Trip provided a fantastic and varied experience getting to know the amazing country that Peru is, with it’s endlessly fascinating history, strong cultural influences so different from our own, tasty food. So much to admire about Peruvians. This trip provided for great travel companions, ideal hotels (quality and location), an excellent overview of Peruvian food scene, and a lot of fun. I saw far more than could ever see on a self-planned tour and with greater ease! Highly recommended…(K.B, VA for MedTreks Peru)

I had a fabulous time! The lodging, food, meticulously planned excursions, and our guide, Renee, made for an amazing adventure!! Thank you MedTreks International!! (D.G, RN, NP, PhD, California for MedTreks Peru

“I had a fantastic time. Would highly recommend this trip to medical and non-medical alike” (J.F, California for MedTreks Peru)

“This Peru trip is truly magical. Ari and MedTreks set up an amazingly organized trip with cultural experiences I would never have been able to figure out or obtain myself. Hello alpaca wedding! There wasn’t as much hiking as I thought there would be. More light trekking, but that’s ok because the altitude is no joke. The restaurants and food experiences we had were out of this world. Probably the best part of the trip aside from experiencing Machu Picchu and having a wonderful guide, Rene. Rene is an absolute gem in this world and went above and beyond to ensure our experience was memorable. Traveling with MedTreks takes all the stress out of organizing trips, as well as having a perfect balance between culture, tourism, and education. I’m excited to travel with MedTreks again in the future” (A.B, RN, Oregon from MedTreks Peru) 

I had an amazing experience. The trip was organized very well. The activities were great and our lodging at Haramara was a magical experience. The food was amazing! Thank you so much!  ~(S.B.  California for MedTreks Mexico)

“Ari with MedTreks was the best!  She was great at arranging so much for us all.  Costa Rica was amazing and she made sure that we were able to experience it as best as possible.  I can’t even say enough wonderful things about this trip.  Will be sharing and recommending this trip to my other nurse friends” (J.H, RN, from MedTreks Costa Rica Trip)

“The Mexico Retreat was a great way to unplug from technology and plug into the self. It’s an opportunity for self-exploration and to integrate techniques in how one manages stress, provides self-compassion, and practices mindfulness for a more peaceful existence”

“I signed up for this MedTreks retreat because several co-workers have been on other MedTreks experiences and highly recommended them. I had a wonderful time. Ari and Angie were super communicative and helpful throughout the process. Everything was organized and taken care of. I met so many wonderful people on this retreat that I plan to stay in touch with and even travel with in the future! If you are thinking about signing up for a MedTreks adventure, go for it! You won’t regret it!” (RN, MedTreks Mexico Retreat)

Such a fantastic trip! Great people, great food, and great accommodations. The whitewater rafting was so much fun. The guides were all amazing. I already booked for next year! (L.T, Registered Nurse for Women & Whitewater )

“I have never been on a trip that was perfect from start to finish until I went on a Med Treks International and Momentum River Expeditions adventure. From the pre-trip planning emails to the course materials to the location and services offered…everything was done with exceptional thought and service. Every detail was planned out with expert professionalism! These two companies take all like minded individuals that are complete strangers and put them together to achieve several days of top notch learning and fun. There was an equal amount of education and fun in the wild. Both the land and water accommodations were COVID safe, clean and comfortable. The level of expertise by the river guides were second to none and some of the best guiding I have had rafting.  The local one of kind recipes and food were not only tasty but nutritious. I stumbled upon this AWLS class and walked away from a perfect adventure. You will not be disappointed taking a Med Treks International trip and will come home with excitement to book your next trip with them!” (K,C, Physician Assistant for Upper Klamath WLS:MP Rafting Course)

“I was probably the least rugged and least prepared person on the trip and the weather was not good, but it was still an awesome experience and I would do it again. The river is exhilarating, food delicious and our camp was set up and ready to go every afternoon when we got out of the rafts” (By Rebecca M for Rogue River Safari 2022)

Myself and three friends joined this trip because of the descriptions of great food, comfortable camping with experienced guides who thought of everything. Our expectations were more than exceeded. The Safari Style trip provided very comfortable beds – and we were blown away by the level of detail that went into the full bar/wine tasting and delicious/healthy food for every meal. The guides were experienced/competent and friendly. Our group is not related to the Medical field, but we joined this MedTreks excursion and felt welcomed by the other medical professionals who joined (and additionally safe as a bonus!). ABSOLUTELY WORTH the additional cost to go with a Momentum Safari style trip – and the people who join a MedTreks journey are fun, intelligent and first-rate. I would highly recommend this for ALL ages and experience levels. (D.G, California) Rogue River Safari

“I had an amazing time! My fear of doing outdoor stuff is what brought me to this trip. I have never been on a white water rafting trip or kayaking. But the wonderful guides were patient and encouraged me. Every little detail was thoughtful and appreciated. I have made connections with other strong and inspiring women. Mission accomplished, MedTreks! See you next year!” (N.A, RN, Reno) Women & Whitewater 

Absolutely AMAZING!!! Exceeded my expectations 1000%!!! Can’t wait for next year!!!!! (J.T, RN, California) 

“I loved this trip. I loved being on the water and trusting the skills of the guides. I loved that everyone was so helpful and happy to be there. The food was amazing, the shower and sauna were great extra touches. I will book another trip for sure!”

(A. B for Women, Wilderness & Whitewater)

We had a wonderful time. Beautiful scenery, delicious food, incredible staff, and great company. The safari style tents were generous in size with comfortable cots and pads. There is nothing like falling asleep to the sound of a river with clear, star- lit skies above. We could stay on the group boat or try our skills on a kyack or paddle board. The staff was very kind and supportive. And the rapids were lots of fun with plenty of float time… I enjoyed the side hikes and the floats in the river. The lecture on global health was very good with information that could be applied in many settings. They welcomed family members to come along. It was a great vacation for our family.

(J.F, RN, California)

I just finished a Women & Whitewater trip with Ari & MedTreks. From moment one, I felt her warmth, care and passion for leading trips and educating her guests! There was such thoughtful consideration to the many different levels in the group and at each step, she made sure everyone was cared for and felt safe. Ari has such a soft, kind and playful spirit that it’s hard not to enjoy yourself… and then you see her handle whitewater like a boss or teach important safety lessons/wilderness medicine and you realize how well rounded and fierce she is as a leader and woman. 

Thank you for an epic weekend!

(L.D, California)

“This entire trip was amazing! Every aspect was thoughtfully put together and we felt that. The attitudes held by everyone seemed genuine, positive, calm and fun – always fun. Thank you” (J.N, RN, Oregon) Wilderness First Aid 

“I had an incredible time! They supplied the tents and cots which were clean and cute. They fed us delicious healthy food. They led us through yoga sessions twice a day which I thoroughly enjoyed. We got to go kayaking one day too! There was a portable sauna truck for our use and to top it off access to the beautiful smith river was easy. Would highly recommend” (C.G, RN, California) Smith River Yoga & Rafting Retreat 

The whole trip was amazing. I have never experienced anything like it. – L.C

“I had such a wonderful time on this trip! Nosara is such a beautiful part of Costa Rica and a wonderful place to get to earn CEUs! The Spanish course was great and I learned a ton. But it also felt like we had plenty of time to enjoy Nosara and do the fun things too. Ari is an amazing leader and also just an amazing human, and she made this trip such a breeze because she is so organized and had all the details worked out before we got there. Accommodations, food, class, and activities were all spectacular! I would highly recommend this!” (E.G, RN, Oregon) Medical Spanish Costa Rica 

This was a wonderful course – Sarah the instructor was one of the best instructors I’ve ever had- very knowledgeable and experienced in teaching. The class flowed well and the outside hands on sessions were great. I’d love to do more courses with this group!”(D.S. RN, Washington) Wilderness First Aid

You have to experience the magic of what Hopecore delivers to its community, health care, health education, and poverty eradication, a recipe for success.  Kenyan run and sustainable it is an inspiration to be amongst these people who care so very much about their community. 

I’m so very grateful for the warmth with which you welcomed us into your community.  I appreciated every day in the clinic and allowed me to learn while I was teaching.  I thoroughly enjoyed being tired with you at the end of a day where we saw 42 patients.  I will miss each and every one of you and hope to hear from you about interesting cases on VSEE until I am next able to travel back to Chogoria. With genuine admiration. (Sylvia, MedTreks Kenya)

    “I don’t know if you realize what a special thing MedTreks is or how beautiful the MedTreks / HopeCore relationship is. You’re providing an opportunity for 2 different cultures to share talents and education with each other. The experience is priceless and I can’t wait to return.Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all we’re so nice and hospitable to us. I appreciate your patience in letting us follow you around the schools, your grace was not overlooked. I hope our suggestions were helpful to you”  C.G, RN for MedTreks Kenya 

    “The overall experience is not something I can get everyday. To have this opportunity and see how medicine is practiced will be cherished forever. I think the most amazing part for me was to see the education provided to the communities in and surrounding Chogoria. The HopeCore team does a truly amazing job with this.  Your ability to manage a diverse group was great and you can see your passion for this partnership each day” A,W. from Montana forMedTreks Kenya

    “I was introduced to Hopecore through MedTreks in 2018.  This was my second trip and I am amazed by how much HopeCore has grown in a year.  I enjoy learning from the HopeCore nurses and also providing them with resources so they can improve their delivery of care.  The week in Chogoria gives me a perspective that shifts the way I view my own work as a nurse.  We as a MedTreks team come to teach but in the process, as my heart is moved, I am the student gaining both personal and professional growth. I appreciate HopeCore so much for allowing us to visit and participate again. It is an outstanding program and I am great full they open up their home to us.  I enjoy the special care the team provides when we visit.  Hopecore has really good drivers and I am so Thankful for them” (J,W. for MedTreks Kenya)

    “Thank you for the opportunity to join the MedTreks Team in Kenya. This experience was incredibly eye-opening and heartwarming! The setting and accommodations in Chogoria were beautiful and the service was above and beyond. The cultural exchange amongst healthcare workers in the U.S. and healthcare workers in Kenya was exceptional and enlightening. The guidance and navigation through the villages made me feel safe and comfortable yet also provided a “hands off” approach to learning that allowed me to have an individual experience with the healthcare workers, students, and families. I also really enjoyed the community dinners, dancing, and soccer that encouraged mutual appreciation and teamwork. I signed up for this program thinking I was going to be volunteering my time, but instead I feel like I was given much more than I ever hoped to contribute. I came home feeling re-invigorated about medicine and inspired by the comprehensive approach that Hope Core and MedTreks provides to the community of Chogoria. I gained an indispensable education regarding humanity, communication, and global health”

    V.RN, for MedTreks Kenya

    “For over 15 years, I was dreaming of visiting Africa …Not only that dream came through this summer but the reality turned out to be much better than I could have ever imagined.  I came back re-energized, uplifted and inspired.  It was a life-changing experience and gave me a sense of a new direction.  Being surrounded by people with such big hearts, who care so deeply about the wellbeing of others, has been invigorating, and humbling, and instantly created a sense of belonging.  The Village HopeCore and MedTreks team – you became a part of my heart forever” ~S.M, RN, FNP

    “My time in Kenya was beautifully orchestrated by the MedTreks  team. The global health lectures  were perfectly  married to experiential education in the field. The accommodations were comfortable and crew of medical volunteers on the trip seemed well vetted. It was a great experience. I loved being welcomed as family. The adage a stranger is a friend you haven’t met, was a loved experience. The entire staff of Hopecore were professional and knowledgeable. They were continuously sharing their skills as well as learning from the MedTreks volunteers. What a fantastic group of compassionate humans”  ~ N.G, RN, Oregon