Day 1-2: Global Health Conference in Nairobi

Meet at the hotel in Nairobi in the morning for the MedTreks Kenya orientation and Global Health Conference. We will spend the day learning from guest speakers on various global health topics. The conference will be held in the lovely meeting space and includes a delicious buffet lunch, tea, snacks and all course materials.

MedTreks Kenya Global Health Seminar Topics

Core concepts in Global Health in the 21st century

  • Updates in Humanitarian Medicine, Innovations and Technology
  • Immerging Issues in International Medicine
  • Environmental health: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
  • Nutrition & Family Planning
  • Child & Maternal health in the developing world
  • Key concepts in effective medical aid & community health
  • Self Care for Healthcare: wellness tips for medical professionals

Monday ~ Friday Itinerary in the village

The weekdays are packed full of clinics, workshops, and training.

Here is the list of the activities during the week:

public health nursing in Kenya

Mobile School Clinics:

A unique opportunity to travel to rural schools on the slopes of Mt. Kenya and experience the life of the village children. Our role will be to assist HopeCore in providing medical services and implementing educational resources. We will have the opportunity to help triage, perform growth monitoring, screen for common childhood illnesses and provide basic immunizations and age-related health education.

public health

Community Outreach: Home visits and “pop-up” clinics

We join HopeCore in setting up mobile clinics throughout the community and perform a variety of free health services to the villagers including infectious disease screening, blood pressure, and glucose testing, family planning and health education.

Teaching CPR to the HopeCore Health Team

Health Education Workshops and Skills Day:

The main goal of our MedTreks program is to help strengthen the healthcare capacity in Kenya by providing continuing education, skills training, and health information to the HopeCore public health team. Throughout the week our teams collaborate in various skills workshops with topics including CPR, First Aid, wound care, dermatology, pediatrics, acute care, palliative care, maternal health and perinatal care, leadership and teambuilding, telemedicine and health information and technology.

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