Our Commitment to Building Capacity

Most of our MedTreks trips have a GIVE BACK program as part of our commitment to building healthy communities in resource-limited areas.

Medical volunteer in Kenya meets with a patient

MedTreks assists local health programs in implementing health campaigns. We do not set up our own campaigns, but rather partner with existing local organizations in the communities to best serve the needs of these areas. In these cases, our MedTreks teams work hard to raise money for specific medical equipment and training supplies prior to arriving at our destination.

Health campaigns are specific to the needs of the local community and their healthcare teams. We try to match the expertise of our MedTreks team with the requests of the local public health program.

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Depending on the trip and faculty, some of our trips will also include specific training and certificate programs such as: 

  • Helping Babies Breathe
  • Telemedicine
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Maternal & Child Health
  • Community Health Worker Certification
  • Ophthalmology/Dermatology
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MedTreks Kenya
MedTreks Medical Trip Kenya

MedTreks hosts a nurse sponsorship program that provides continuing education experiences for Kenyan nurses who otherwise would not have these unique learning opportunities.

In 2022 we will be re-starting our Kenyan Nurse Scholarship Fund, where we will be providing the nurses at HopeCore, an opportunity to travel to the United States for the first time, to participant in an extensive 2-week long Global & Public Health experience!

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MedTreks Kenya Give Back

Our MedTreks Kenya Give Back program has been working over the last four years to specifically address the needs of the Kenyan health teams at Village HopeCore International. The World Health Organization reports that Africa has 24% of the world’s burden of disease, but only 3% of the workforce to address it. We are working to not only help build capacity by training the healthcare staff, but also raising funds for critical medical supplies, training materials, and healthcare resources for our Kenyan program.

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Village HopeCore International

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have” 

~ Jim Rohn