Wellness for Healthcare Professionals in Costa Rica

“What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body” ~ Carolyn Myss   Your Journey to balance and rejuvenation. A COVID Safe Adventure. This last year has been more demanding on health professionals than ever before. After spending the last two months traveling and leading MedTreks Trips to Kenya & … Continued

10 Best Places to visit in Bali

10 Wonderful Places to Visit in Bali   There is a reason why Bali has become one of the most popular destinations for an unforgettable visit. The breathtaking nature and the beautiful temples and culture are among the many wonders that await those who make the trip to reach this Indonesian island. Here are 10 … Continued

A Deeper Look into Peruvian Mountain Medicine

A Deeper Look into Peruvian Mountain Medicine By Dr. Mila Rojas Peruvian mountain medicine involves ancient healing techniques that highly leverage the natural resources of Earth. These traditional practices involve the use of medicinal plants. While a great number of these plants have disappeared or are not used anymore, the knowledge Peruvian healers have of … Continued

Kenya: Top 10 Best Places to Visit

Kenya: Top 10 Best Places to Visit  Visiting Kenya is an unforgettable experience. With vast deserts, incredible wildlife, and a spectacular savannah, you will never forget these beautiful landscapes. Plus, you will meet amazing people and visit unexpected places including a spectacular coastline where you can see dolphins! MedTreks runs trips to Kenya twice a … Continued

7 Medical Spanish Resources

7 Medical Spanish Resources by Dr. Mila Rojas   Are you interested in learning medical Spanish or are you already on your way to becoming an expert? There are different resources you can use to improve your learning pace, vocabulary, and overall knowledge of how to communicate in Spanish in the healthcare setting. Here are … Continued

Physician & Nurse Burnout: What you can do to reclaim balance in your life

Physician & Nurse Burnout: What You Can Do To Reclaim Balance in Your life  Stress is a natural response from the body and it helps you react and adapt. However, when you’re under long-term stress at work, you might find yourself exhausted and with a cynical perspective regarding your work life. This is not a … Continued

The Benefits of Immersing Yourself in a New Language

The Benefits of Immersing Yourself in a New Language Learning a new language is an exciting endeavor as it will allow you to open your mind to additional knowledge and become familiar with the different cultures of the people who speak the language. In addition, you might get a professional advantage with your knowledge of … Continued

The Importance of Sleep in the Healthcare Setting

The Importance of Sleep in the Healthcare Setting by Dr. Mila Rojas   The long shifts and sleepless nights that are part of the life of most healthcare workers are well-known across the medical community. It is often considered normal and an intrinsic part of the healthcare system. However, this doesn’t mean certain changes aren’t … Continued

The Year of the Nurse & Nurse Midwife

The Year of the Nurse and Nurse Midwife Nurses and nurse midwives are an instrumental part of the healthcare practice. In fact, in many places, they’re the only practitioner taking care of the residents of the area. Despite this, there’s a shortage of nurses, which has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). If … Continued