8 Highlights of Machu Picchu & The Sacred Valley Peru is a country rich in history and culture. From the delicious Peruvian cuisine, artisan crafts, snow-capped mountains, friendly people and ancient ruins, Peru has something for every traveler. Many people have one destination on their mind when preparing an adventure to Peru: Machu Picchu. This mountain fortress should absolutely be on every traveler’s bucket list, however, after running several trips to Peru over the past
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12 Tips for Staying Healthy During International Travel   For the past 30 years, we have been leading international medical and educational trips abroad. Our experience shows us that even just a little time spent on planning and gaining knowledge on how to stay healthy and safe abroad could make a huge difference in the comfort and enjoyment of your travels. Our MedTreks team would like to share a few of our pointers here as
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MedTreks Kenya ~ Community Health Worker Program Expanding the Community Health Workforce in Kenya: Kenya is currently in a global health workforce crisis. In Kenya, there are only 2 doctors for every 10,000 people (World Health Organization). This crisis is more severe in rural regions where 75% of the Kenyan population resides. Our Village HopeCore Community Health Program in Kenya is located at 5,000 feet on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Our services reach over
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Meet Dr. Esther, HopeCore’s first Physician! This is a success story that MedTreks & HopeCore couldn’t wait to share. This past August, HopeCore hired their first medical doctor to join the public health team in Chogoria, Kenya. We were thrilled and honored to hire Dr. Esther, a young, vibrant female physician who was obviously the strongest candidate with her passion, confidence, and determination to give back to the community she grew up in. While we
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Medical Spanish Costa Rica
8 Days of Multi-Sport Medical Spanish Bootcamp…in Paradise! Our MedTreks course in Costa Rica just finished this week and we are stoked to share a few of the highlights from this trip with you! Location, Location, Location:  Our MedTreks Medical Spanish course takes place in Nosara, Costa Rica. Known for it’s the beautiful tropical environment, nature conservation, wellness activities, yoga, and epic surf conditions…it is the perfect coastal getaway to relax and immerse yourself in
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