Starlink Telehealth Program Launched in Kenya

HopeCore’s Innovative Use of Starlink for Health Education If you have been on one of our MedTreks Kenya field courses, then you know Tharaka Nithi County – a landscape of sparse terrain where limited infrastructure poses significant challenges to healthcare access. In this setting, HopeCore is pioneering a transformative approach to empower Community Health Promoters (CHPs) … Continued

Celebrating Nurses Week at MedTreks

Last week was Nurses Week – here is how we celebrated!    Highlighting the Incredible Nurses on Our Team! First of all, we want to highlight two of the awesome nurses on our core faculty who were out instructing our MedTreks courses these past few weeks! Sheryl Olson: It was an easy decision to kick … Continued

MedTreks Launches Global Medicine Seminar

Bringing Medical Professionals Together, Defining Medicine Outside the Hospital Walls After being in the conference industry for the past 2 decades, one of the most common statements I heard was “I wish there was more time to meet and get to know the faculty or I wish there was more engaging networking opportunities to meet … Continued

Exploring Wilderness Medicine: Practical Skills Beyond the Classroom

Exploring Wilderness Medicine: Practical Skills Beyond the Classroom Are you ready to step out of the traditional classroom setting…and learn to use your medical skills in a resource-limited setting? Wilderness medicine courses offer a unique experience that go beyond textbooks and lectures. Let’s unpack why these courses benefit anyone who is in the healthcare field … Continued

Curated Experiences: The Essence of MedTreks’ Hand-Crafted Itineraries

Crafting Unique Journeys: The Essence of MedTreks’ Hand-Crafted Itineraries You may come across the term “hand-crafted” on our MedTreks site – what does this mean, really? In the world of adventure travel, the term “hand-crafted itinerary” evokes an image of meticulously planned experiences, tailor-made to meet the unique interests and educational goals of travelers. At … Continued

Essential Tips for Buying Travel Insurance

Essential Tips for Buying Travel Insurance Traveling is a wonderful adventure, but it’s wise to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during your journey. One way to protect yourself and your trip is by investing in travel insurance. With a plethora of options available, it’s crucial to choose the right plan that … Continued

MedTreks Launches Kenya Clinical Immersion Program

We are excited to share that we have officially launched our MedTreks Kenya Clinical Immersion program with Village HopeCore International! After several years of planning and a several year set-back by the pandemic, in January of 2024 MedTreks and HopeCore hosted 11 Nurse Practitioner students and 2 faculty from the University of San Francisco, California. … Continued

Networking Beyond Borders: CME Adventures for Medical Professionals

Network Beyond Borders – CME Adventures for Medical Professionals  While we always say, “our MedTreks adventures are mostly vacations with a little CME sprinkled in” – that CME and educational component has shown us that this addition provides a really unique opportunity for medical professionals to connect and learn from one another. We love watching … Continued