Why Learn Medical Spanish?

Why Learn Medical Spanish? By Dr. Mila Rojas  When a patient comes to you, they’re at their most vulnerable and it’s a time during which you want to offer them any measure of comfort available. Being able to tend to your patients in their native language is a skill that they’ll appreciate and will allow … Continued

MedTreks Kenya Online Global Health Internship

How to Gain Experience & Give Back During COVID We are over a year into this global pandemic and the end is no where in sight. As part of the global health community we know that many healthcare professionals feel they could do more to help, especially in the international setting. For the last several … Continued

How Cross-Cultural Medicine Enriches Your Medical Practice

How Cross-Cultural Medicine Enriches Your Medical Practice Understanding your patients and being able to properly communicate with them is key for providing successful treatment. On many occasions, cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings, poor adherence to treatment, and negative outcomes. This is where cross-cultural medicine comes in. But what is cross-cultural medicine? And how does … Continued

How a Wellness Retreat Can Revitalize Your Life

How a Wellness Retreat can Revitalize Your Work Life Written by Dr. Mila Rojas   Being part of the same repetitive routine can bring your spirit down and your energy can deplete quite easily if you don’t give yourself a break. However, this can go well beyond a two-day staycation or a trip to get … Continued

Community Health Worker Training Program in Kenya

MedTreks Kenya ~ Community Health Worker Program Expanding the Community Health Workforce in Kenya: Kenya is currently in a global health workforce crisis. In Kenya, there are only 2 doctors for every 10,000 people (World Health Organization). This crisis is more severe in rural regions where 75% of the Kenyan population resides. Our Village HopeCore … Continued

Women in Medicine ~ A success story of a young female doctor in Kenya

Meet Dr. Esther, HopeCore’s first Physician! This is a success story that MedTreks & HopeCore couldn’t wait to share. This past August, HopeCore hired their first medical doctor to join the public health team in Chogoria, Kenya. We were thrilled and honored to hire Dr. Esther, a young, vibrant female physician who was obviously the … Continued

Helpful Tips for Learning Medical Spanish

Tips to Learn Medical Spanish   Many health professionals feel immediately overwhelmed by just the thought of learning a new language. Spending just a few hours in a clinic or Emergency Department trying to communicate with Spanish speaking patients is a humbling experience, to say the least. There are several reasons to at least try … Continued

Medical Volunteering in Africa: MedTreks Kenya August 2019

MedTreks Global Health & Medical Volunteer Program    August Medical Trip 2019  Medical volunteering abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences as a health professional. There are many different programs for medical volunteering, some are effective and some are ineffective and even harmful. MedTreks was designed to help build capacity and promote shared learning … Continued

Malaria ~ Strategies for eradicating a preventable disease

When a child is given a bed net, the whole family benefits… and so does the community. Why?     April 25th, 2019 was World Malaria Day and we would like to share some of the strategies that HopeCore uses in their public health program to help eradicate this preventable disease.  This day is about … Continued

Medical Kits in the Hands of Kenyan Nurses

   HopeCore Nursing Medical Kits Supporting health workers to care for their communities:  It is a sunny Sunday afternoon in January 2018. Chairs are stacked and benches are aligned, HopeCore is setting up a free mobile health clinic in one of the local churches after the morning service. On this particular week, a group of … Continued