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Specializing in international medicine and cross-cultural expeditions, MedTreks has been providing CME adventure travel opportunities since 1985.


MedTreks began in the tropical forests of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It was in 1985 when the first cross-cultural trip for nurses took place led by a doctor/nurse husband and wife team. The field courses in the 1980s began with a simple goal: bringing like-minded medical professionals together to travel, learn and experience different ways of living and practicing medicine around the world. Since then, our faculty and founders have been leading international expeditions, medical courses, retreats and travel adventures on all seven continents.

Dr. Phil Rasori

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Travel & Adventure with Purpose. 

Our mission is to strengthen the global health workforce by providing fun, engaging and informative travel & adventure experiences.  We are dedicated to fostering opportunities for healthcare professionals to grow personally and professionally and expand a network of like-minded individuals who will work to strengthen and improve the world of global health, travel & wilderness medicine.

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A safari vehicle on an excursion in the Samburu during a MedTreks Kenya trip

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Medical Mission Kenya
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“Medicine, Travel, Adventure… building community… It is what we love to do. As healthcare professionals, we are fortunate to have a skillset that we can take anywhere in the world with us. MedTreks focuses on providing opportunities and partnerships that allow medical professionals to expand their personal and professional skillset while helping to make an impact in the world…there is a collective magic that happens during cross-cultural global health trips… and despite some hard days with various challenges, it is the collaboration, the teamwork, the laughter that makes the energy infectious and is always inspiring to be a part of.”

~ Ari Rasori, MedTreks Director

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Our primary goal with everything we do: help strengthen the global health workforce. We do this by providing inspiring and life-changing experiences that enhance the professional and personal wellbeing of medical professionals. All of our trips and courses are created for health professionals by health professionals. We have a dynamic team of health and travel experts who not only share a passion for travel and adventure but also a desire and commitment to improving health systems both locally & internationally.

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Kenya CME

Our flagship Global Health & Medical Program is a long-term partnership with the public health non-profit in Kenya, Village HopeCore International (HopeCore). For the last 20 years, MedTreks & HopeCore have steadily built a collaborative partnership where MedTreks now has a year-round medical educational program with HopeCore.

MedTreks Kenya

Our dynamic team is a fusion of doctors, PAs/NPs, nurses health educators, wellness coaches, and travel enthusiasts who are not only experts in their field, but passionate about using their skills and expertise to provide experiences that will change your life. 

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