What is MedTreks International?

Our global health educational company has been providing international, cross-cultural expeditions for over 30 years. We offer continuing education opportunities for medical professionals who want to make a difference in the world. Our programs were designed by faculty who have had extensive experience in global health and international medicine. 

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Providing global opportunities for health professionals who want to make a difference in the world since 1985.


  • Leaders in international travel expeditions

  • Over 30 years in Travel & Global Health Education

  • Off the beaten path destinations

  • Dedicated to socially responsible travel

Who We Are

Over 30 years of experience has shown us that medical professionals are craving opportunities to help others in resource-limited areas of the world. We love gathering health professionals in beautiful and remote regions of the world to learn, engage, collaborate and empower. We believe that our medical degrees provide us with a very unique skill set, a gift that we can utilize to help others in remote and less fortunate areas of the globe. At MedTreks, we strive to provide a foundation of global health education and specific skills that healthcare professionals can use to deliver quality, cross-cultural medicine in regions all around the world.


Our History 

MedTreks started as an educational company in the 1980s, inspired by a doctor/nurse team who were dedicated to providing cross-cultural experiences in international health. Dr. Rasori and his wife Rosemary led the first Global Health field course for nurses in Mexico in 1985. Over the past 35 years, our community and global health seminars have taken place on all seven continents and today, Dr. Rasori continues to run high-end international adventures throughout the world with his company, Rasori Expeditions. Their daughter, Ari Rasori-Allred, a nurse practitioner, who is passionate about travel, medicine & adventure, has continued the global health-focused courses of MedTreks and has expanded the mission of strengthening the global health workforce through medical training opportunities, professional development retreats, medical Spanish and global health nursing CE courses.


We have a very dedicated faculty who share our passion for improving healthcare systems and cross-cultural medicine both locally and internationally!

Our commitment to service and improving healthcare in remote regions of the world.


Travel can be an incredible opportunity to experience life on the other side of the planet and learn about challenges that persist in the resource-poor regions of the world. As part of our commitment to improving healthcare in remote regions of the world, MedTreks has a long-term, ongoing partnership with Village HopeCore International in Kenya. We have been fortunate

to be part of this public health program over the past 20 years and we are thrilled to have MedTreks be able to collaborate with the teams in Kenya to help strengthen the healthcare capacity. MedTreks has been sponsoring this partnership and helping to fund several global and public health programs through a variety of modalities:


– Medical Volunteer Trips to Kenya Twice a Year

– Global Health Certificate Program

– Global Health Internship Opportunities

– Telemedicine Program

– Ongoing Education and Training

Learn more about our MedTreks Kenya Program HERE!

Our Model:

Our courses are designed to expand professional development opportunities through cross-cultural and hands-on global health training programs and seminars. Our programs are designed to involve groups of medical professionals, which we have found provides a more rich experience for networking and collaboration. Together with our amazing teams of medical providers, we are working to build healthcare capacity in underserved regions of the world. We base our program model off three main 3 core concepts:


Education is empowerment. The global health lectures and hands-on learning opportunities enhance the quality of medical education and strengthen clinical skills for medical professionals around the world, particularly in resource-limited settings


We believe that networking and shared learning experiences with different perspectives and healthcare backgrounds can be utilized to build stronger medical teams, improve patient care and strengthen healthcare delivery


Through education and collaboration, we believe our programs and courses will provide a foundation for health professionals to be empowered to get involved and promote innovation and sustainable solutions in the global health field

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