MedTreks Kenya is a mentorship program that sponsors health education & training for the local health professionals in Kenya. 

The World Health Organization reports that Sub-Saharan Africa has 24% of the world’s burden of disease and only 3% of the workforce to address it. MedTreks Kenya is designed to help build local healthcare capacity through hands-on clinical skills training and medical education. MedTreks provides an ongoing, year-round educational program for health professionals in Kenya. Below is a list of educational programs that MedTreks sponsors on a regular basis:

Telehealth Education & Consultation:

MedTreks recently funded and initiated a Telehealth program with HopeCore. Through VSEE Telehealth platform our faculty is now able to review cases with the HopeCore clinical teams on a weekly bases.

Health Education:

Every year our MedTreks faculty continues to grow and share their individual knowledge and expertise. Topics include maternal/child health, family planning, nutrition, dermatology, ophthalmology, emergency medicine,  orthopedics & infectious disease.

Clinical mentorship:

Working side-by-side, our teams facilitate continued learning through mentorship and consultation. Our MedTreks mentors provide physical exam techniques and help collaboration on health screening and treatment of various illnesses.

First Aid & CPR Refreshers:

Twice a year MedTreks provides refresher training in key life-saving health skills. MedTreks purchased training mannequins and First Aid kits for all the nurses working for HopeCore. We continue to use these materials every time our group returns.

Clinical Skills Training:

MedTreks faculty provide an ongoing procedure and skills training for the local staff including suturing, wound care & splinting. All supplies and course materials are sponsored by MedTreks.

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