Why Learn Medical Spanish?


Medical Spanish

Why Learn Medical Spanish?

By Dr. Mila Rojas 

When a patient comes to you, they’re at their most vulnerable and it’s a time during which you want to offer them any measure of comfort available. Being able to tend to your patients in their native language is a skill that they’ll appreciate and will allow you to be a better healthcare practitioner.


The Growing Spanish-Speaking Population

The Hispanic population in the United States has been gradually increasing during the past few years, which is a trend that is expected to continue. According to the U.S. Census, almost 30% of the US population will be Hispanic by 2060. While those that grew up or were born in the US speak English fluently, there’s a large population that speaks only in Spanish or is more comfortable speaking in this language.


Today, approximately 13.5% of the US population speaks Spanish at home. This means that approximately 41 million US residents are likely to feel more comfortable speaking in Spanish during their doctor’s appointment. 


Better Outcomes

The Associated Press revealed during a study that 6 in 10 Hispanic adults have found it difficult to communicate with their healthcare provider during a consult. As you know, the medical interview is instrumental to identify what ails a patient. How can you do this if you can’t communicate? This is why there has been a surge in Spanish-teaching platforms with courses made specifically for healthcare providers. 


In addition, a 2019 study revealed that outcomes tend to be much worse for patients who speak little English, especially when it comes to managing chronic diseases. This is because they require detailed instructions for their care, something that’s difficult to follow when they can’t comprehend what their doctor is telling them to do.


A Competitive Profile

Another consideration to keep in mind is that hospitals and healthcare providers are perfectly aware that there’s more demand for Spanish-speaking doctors and nurses. This means that being able to speak in this language can make your profile more competitive. 


And while yes, some hospitals have hired interpreting services, they aren’t of much use during an emergency. Be it in the E.R. or during a consult, you can provide a more efficient service if you can easily communicate with your patient, something that’s highly valued by hospitals. Even just learning the basics is better than not knowing anything at all in this case.


Everyone Needs a Hobby

You probably have a very busy schedule so you might be wondering “how can I learn Medical Spanish?”. Well, if you look at it from a different perspective, you can make sure it will feel like a fun thing to do instead of a weight on your shoulders. Having a hobby is great for your mental health and making it something that’s going to help you in your practice is the cherry on top!


So instead of looking at it as yet another thing to do, try to think of it as a time to disconnect from your daily worries and immerse yourself in a different language. It might open your mind to new experiences, and allow you to take some time just for yourself.


Want to quickly refresh your Medical Spanish?


Medical Spanish Bootcamp coming your way! ✍🏽📘

On February 25th, 2021,  MedTreks will be holding a 2 hr Medical Spanish bootcamp online for health professionals.

This course is designed to be a high-yield review of the most common phrases used in triage & patient assessment.

Details Below

Thursday, February 25th, 2021

5-7pm PST

Online, Zoom- DM or email us for the zoom link medtreksinternational@gmail.com

Dr. Mila Rojas will be the instructor for this class, she will be joining us from her home in Argentina!

Who is the class for?
Anyone in the health profession but particularly emergency medicine professionals and triage nurses.

** Nurses get 1 CE for this class! Certificate available at the end of the class.

Because what better time to refresh your Medical Spanish phrases & vocabulary 👌🏼📚📖 Facing a patient who doesn’t speak the same language is a challenging situation. There is a growing population of Spanish speakers in the United States, and knowing a few key phrases in the language can make all the different for both the medical professional and the patient.

What else:
This course is designed to be a bootcamp review. Quick phrases to help you digest some very common medical Spanish Terminology

$25 OR…first 20 people to sign up, get this for free.. email us to sign up:




And regardless of what level your Spanish is, you can always benefit from a truly immersive experience on an accelerated program, like the one you can find in Costa Rica during our Medical Spanish Program. This intensive one-week course will allow you to know a beautiful country while diving deep into the beautiful world of medical Spanish!


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