5 Reasons to do a Wellness & Yoga Retreat in Sayulita, Mexico

Mexico Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat in Sayulita, Mexico…Welcome to Paradise.  


Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico is the gem of the coastline less than one hour North of Puerto Vallarta. A surfing and fishing village with the feeling of cultural crescendo, Sayulita will steal your heart and you will leave with the taste of tacos, the fanciest margaritas, salty warm water waves and the fun of dancing under the stars at the local live music Salsa Night. 


5 Reasons to do a Yoga Retreat in Sayulita Mexico is for YOU 


This spring, we are hosting our annual Spring Renewal Wellness Retreat for Health Professionals with Janalyn Rose of Sayulita Gold at the incredible Haramara Retreat Center in Sayulita Mexico. 


We know COVID times make the idea of travel and investing into new and different experiences, a little intimidating. We understand. So if you are hesitating, or on the fence, here are some thoughts shared by MedTreks and @JanalynRose with Sayulita gold. Cheers! 


Sayulita is the “Magic Town” 

” Sayulita was deemed a “Magic Town” by the Mexican government….. which means,… what exactly? There are a handful of Magic Towns throughout Mexico, they are old and historic, preserved and clean, looking like movie sets. Our little town is vibrant and young, the hippie market selling colorful artisan goods, the street chefs peddling churros at night and crepes in the day, the coffee is so good at so many of the cafes that there are people who change their flights just to stay here long enough for another coffee, after another wave, after another moment in that certain light ” ~ JanalynRose of Sayulita Gold. 


Here are some of our top reasons why we choose this Magic Town for a vacation and MedTreks retreat:  


1. The Incredible Location of Sayulita: 

Jungle trails connect pristine beaches, allowing one to explore for miles or simply park in the sand to read a book or watch surfers enthusiastically take on the waves.  Sip coffee in the downtown plaza while watching the world go by. Swing on a hammock while reading a book and soak in the tropical air on your skin. Stroll the cobblestone streets, peeking your head into boutique shops. Peruse the local farmers market, learn about the food and the people who work on the land. Take a jungle hike to neighboring towns and hidden beaches. Drink a tropical cocktail outside while witnessing street performers share their talent. Take a sunrise stroll in the sand and watch the fishermen start their day. Marvel as the sun sets over the horizon with the rest of the Sayulita community- it is a magical moment when this town both comes alive and settles into peaceful bliss. 

2. An Adventurers Paradise: 

Paddle boarding, Kayaking, Trail Running, Hiking, Surfing, Swimming, Yoga, Pilates – your choice. This place immediately inspires a sense of health and adventure. The friendly surf culture, consistent waves, warm waters- makes it a wonderful place to learn how to surf or improve your existing skills. Start the morning with a coffee overlooking the palm lined beaches with the Sierra Madre mountains rising up from the shoreline, making a stunning backdrop for your morning beach run or sunset surf. 


Wellness Retreat for Nurse Burnout

Photo: @JanalynRose with Sayulita Gold

3. Cultural Diversity with Small Town Familiarity:

There is an incredible blend of international travelers mixed with local Mexican families. The arts culture is alive and thriving here. A fun eclectic mix of local, traditional art as well as newer modern Mexican style crafts with a bohemian flare. Ceramics, rugs, tapestries, jewelry, sculptures, photography, paintings..you can find some of the most incredible handicrafts and art inspirations just taking a few hours to explore the boutique shops down the narrow cobble stone streets. A few days in you will likely know the names of the local shopkeepers, this is what makes this town so special and evokes the feeling of home. 

4. World Class Food – Every Step You Turn

From green smoothies and hand-made energy bars to chilaquiles & octopus tacos, this town is bursting at the seams with incredible and delicious dining options. Walk down the cobble stone streets and choose to order a sunset happy hour margarita with passion fruit, grab an seafood appetizer at one of the tapas bars, indulge in a wood-fired pizza from one of the Italian restaurants and finish with homemade Gelato from one of the several local ice cream shops.


5. A Healers Paradise: The Perfect Place for Wellness Retreat & Rejuvenation

Sayulita is a place to recharge, be introspective, spiritual, as much as it is a place to connect, indulge and dive into adventure. Choose to stay at an intimate little bungalow just steps away from the lively town or rest in the peaceful atmosphere of several different oceanside villas. At MedTreks At Haramara, it is the perfect retreat experience.  

6. A safe Option for  Travel During COVID

A 3 hr direct flight from San Francisco International airport and a short 45 minute drive North of Puerto Vallarta, making this location simple and straightforward for travelers and also a safer option for traveling during COVID. The warm tropical air makes it easy to socially distance, eat meals outside. The socially distancing activities are plentiful- from paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking and soaking in morning swims in the warm waters, to taking long runs in the sand or hikes in the jungle, it is easy to get away, to find space for yourself and from others. But warm climate also allows for social distance opportunities, even in a retreat space. It is why we chose Haramara as our retreat location. 100% of their facilities are open to the air and the jungle surroundings- from the yoga shalas, the cabanas, the restaurant, pool, bar and spa- salty sea water constantly blows through your hair. It is a refreshing, nourishing and rejuvenating environment, we look forward to sharing it with you ~ 


We hope to see some of you at our Wellness Retreat for Healthcare Professionals this April in Sayulita, Mexico! 


Resources for Traveling During COVID: 

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