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How to Gain Experience & Give Back During COVID

We are over a year into this global pandemic and the end is no where in sight. As part of the global health community we know that many healthcare professionals feel they could do more to help, especially in the international setting. For the last several months we have been working closely with the HopeCore team from afar and have finally developed a way for our MedTreks teams to help build healthcare capacity, in the comfort of their own homes. While we are thrilled about the recent advances in the COVID vaccine distribution, we also know this will be a challenging winter and we are excited to have a way to provide assistance to the HopeCore team in Kenya.

We are going to explain a little more about the model of our internship in the next few paragraphs. If you would like to submit your resume and apply, please email our medical director: 

Ari Rasori:

About MedTreks Kenya  

MedTreks Kenya is a global partnership between MedTreks International and Village HopeCore International. This program focuses on strengthening the global health workforce through education, collaboration & empowerment. Our MedTreks team has been working closely with Village HopeCore in Kenya for the last 20 years. Our MedTreks teams regularly travel to Kenya, twice a year to provide hands-on skills training in various health and medical topics. Unfortunately, this past year we were unable to travel to Kenya but we have still identified ways in which our teams can support the HopeCore program in Kenya. In collaboration with HopeCore, MedTreks has designed an online global health internship opportunity. 


About the Online MedTreks Kenya Internship: 

This internship is designed for health professionals looking to expand their experience and skill set in global health. The focus of this internship is capacity building and expanding the public health curriculum for community health workers in Kenya. COVID has placed a higher demand on health workers, especially in resource limited areas of the world. We are focusing our efforts to help strengthen the training and education abilities of our HopeCore team in Kenya. 


How are we doing this? 

We currently have a training  program for community health volunteers where every 2 months, the CHVs gather to receive training on various global health/public health topics. 


What are Community Health Volunteers? 

Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) are members of the community who live and work in the areas that they serve. They have not received any formal medical/health education but they are trained as healthcare extenders to help promote health in their neighborhoods and assist in referring to higher levels of medical care when families have urgent health matters. 


Why are Community Health Volunteers important? 

The important role of a Community Health Volunteer has been highlighted during this COVID-19  pandemic. More than ever before, healthcare facilities have been stretched thin with limited resources and many areas are unable to care for the high volume of patients who need to be treated. The goal of a Community Health Volunteer is to be the bridge between the healthcare system and the local families. The CHV bridges this gap by providing health education, reassurance and appropriate referral as needed. 


What is HopeCore’s Community Health Volunteer Model? 

HopeCore currently works with over 800 Community Health Volunteers on a regular basis. This program was expanded during this last year and the focus has been providing educational home visits for COVID. HopeCore implements this home visit program by training the Community Health Volunteers on core topics in COVID prevention. CHVs receive a full day training on the topics as well as a printed flipchart that they can use as an educational tool when they go door to door to educate the community. 


How does the MedTreks Kenya Internship assist the CHV Model in Kenya? 

This internship involves creating clear, concise and effective content on various global & public health topics for the HopeCore Nurses & Community Health Volunteers. This curriculum will be used as part of a training program for the healthcare team in Kenya this coming year.

Topics include: 


  • Climate & Environmental Health 
  • Global Child Health 
  • Infectious, parasitic & Communicable Diseases 
  • Food & Nutrition 
  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene 
  • Maternal Health 
  • Monitoring & Evaluation 
  • Noncommunicable Diseases 
  • Research and Data Management 


If you are curious why continuing your global health education is important, check out our most recent blog post, The Importance of Continuing Your Global Health Education  HERE

Internship Details:



What is the time commitment: 

  • Approximately 20-30 hrs/month for 6 months (February- July) 
  • Weekly & bimonthly phone calls with our team


What you will gain from this experience: 

It is hard to gain experience in the global health arena, especially while foreign travel is on hold. We have designed this internship as a way for healthcare professionals to share knowledge and skills, to help build capacity and to give back in ways that are effective. Because this is an internship in global health education and curriculum, interns will walk away with a solid foundation of global health. Interns will also have the opportunity to work closely with our teams and gain insight and experience into program development.

Is this a paid position: 

This is not a paid internship. This experience is designed for health professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge and skill set in the global health arena. You will be working closely with our global health team, having the opportunity to network and learn from a very experienced 


Will I be able to join the team in Kenya: 

Yes, as part of this internship you will have the option to join our MedTreks Kenya team this August. We will be implementing some of the training and curriculum from this internship and it would be a great way for you to see how your hard work makes a difference in the communities we serve! 


How to Apply to this Internship: 

Submit your application and upload your resume here 

Our team will reach out to you within 48 hrs and if your interest/experience seems like a good fit we will schedule a brief phone interview. If it seems like a great fit, we welcome you on our team and we hit the ground running with global health training! 


Thank you for being interested in helping to strengthen the global health workforce!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our medical director: 

Ari Rasori: 


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