COVID-19 Education and Training Resources: Tips from Kenya


Resources for COVID-19


As COVID-19 has begun to spread globally in a pandemic over the last month, our MedTreks faculty have been working with our partner program, Village HopeCore in Kenya to create a central COVID-19 Education & Training Toolkit for resource-limited countries whose populations have challenges to accessing healthcare systems.


Our friends on the frontlines in Kenya are working hard to mobilize their communities and help spread education and resources for COVID-19. We have been helping the HopeCore team collect resources and design training materials for the Community Health Workers.

Public Health interventions such as hand washing and social distancing are critical in slowing the spread of this disease. The goal for resource-limited countries is to scale up their frontline community health workers to help educate communities on the common symptoms and prevention strategies for Coronavirus or COVID-19.


Below we share some of the resources that hopefully will be helpful for other programs as they target COVID-19 disease. 


To View, Full Toolkit





Kenya COVID Toolkit

Three Strategies for Scaling up Community Health Worker Training On COVID-19:


1. Provide Education/Training on COVID-19: facts, transmission, symptoms, prevention

2. Equip CHW with resources to continue their training: Flip Chart, Mobile Phone App with updates

3. Continue to engage CHWs and support  them through virtual refresher training, text/email updates


Community Health Volunteers/Workers are going to be critical in the movement towards helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Over the past week, MedTreks and HopeCore have collaborated on creating a comprehensive COVID-19 Toolkit which includes training materials, presentations, flipcharts and resources on COVID-19.

The idea with this toolkit is to provide useful information for other public health programs in resource-limited areas of the world, to help strengthen their community health worker’s response. This is a free and open-sourced resource that we are excited to share with other programs who are faced with many different COVID-19 challenges.



COVID-19 Community Health Worker Training Presentation – CLICK HERE



We have also created a flip-chart for Community Health Workers to bring into the field so that they go through the key teaching points on preventing the COVID-19 disease and slowing the spread of the virus. The design of this flip chart is so that people can view it from a distance, enabling the Community Health Volunteers to educate while maintaining social distancing recommendations.


COVID-19 Flip Chart – CLICK HERE 



For Public Health programs that need social media tools to help educate their communities, we have also compiled some of the resources in a COVID-19 Social Media Folder. There is often a lot of fear and misinformation around new diseases and illnesses. It is important to take the extra measures to make sure that the community understands the accurate information.


COVID-19 Social Media Folder – CLICK HERE



Additional COVID-19 Resources:

These resources will hopefully be helpful for resource-limited countries


General Information about COVID-19:


Information for Clinicians & Hospitals

Health Education Materials


Wellness Resources


Creative & Misc.


For Wellness During the Time of COVID-19

please visit our COVID-19 Wellness Toolkit








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