Learning Medical Spanish in Paradise

8 Days of Multi-Sport Medical Spanish Bootcamp…in Paradise!


Our MedTreks course in Costa Rica just finished this week and we are stoked to share a few of the highlights from this trip with you!

Location, Location, Location: 

Our MedTreks Medical Spanish course takes place in Nosara, Costa Rica. Known for it’s the beautiful tropical environment, nature conservation, wellness activities, yoga, and epic surf conditions…it is the perfect coastal getaway to relax and immerse yourself in a stress-free but active learning environment.

MedTreks selected Nosara Beach Hotel for the incredible oceanfront location with panoramic views and cool ocean breeze. Less than a 1-minute walk to the beach, this hilltop paradise takes your breath away

  • Wake up to ocean views and sounds of the jungle
  • Swing in a hammock overlooking the pacific ocean
  • Lounge by the pool with your favorite book
  • Sip a fresh juice or tropical cocktail with 180-degree views of the sunset


Surfing, a perfect way to start and end the day:

Nosara is well known for its incredibly consistent surf, pretty much 330 days of the year. The 6 km beach of Playa Guiones where the MedTreks course takes place is a perfect location for all levels of surfers. Our course supports beginners and advanced surfers by offering them a 7 day all-inclusive membership to a local surf club where MedTreks participants have access to over 100 + surfboards, surf tools, games, lockers, showers, bathrooms, juice bar, wifi, towels…all located just a minute walk through the jungle from the beach.


Medical Spanish Costa Rica

Playa Guiones- surf 330 days a year. Warm waters, white sand beach, perfect for all surfing levels! 

Daily Yoga Classes ~ for Body, Mind & Spirit:  

Nosara is renowned for its rich history in Yoga. MedTreks works with Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort to provide daily yoga classes with a variety of styles so that participants can learn different methods of yoga in this beautiful jungle yoga center.

Yoga Classes at Bodhi Tree Yoga include:

  • Sunset Yin: 
    • An exploration of the deeper layers of the body. In this practice, we are working with releasing and subtly softening the facial tissue which can stiffen over time. This is a practice of long holds, deep openings and working with the edges of the physical body, emotional body, and the psyche, through witnessing, allowing and surrendering ~ Bodhi Tree 
  • Restorative:
    • “This practice is designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. Relax, Renew and Receive, an internally focused practice facilitating deep nourishment and mindful equipoise, using props to support the postures. This class is appropriate for students of all levels” ~Bodhi Tree
  • Freestyle Yoga:
    • This creative and dynamic flow-based class is appropriate for yoga practitioners who are seeking an intensive posture flow experience. We’ll embody the creative, active, fluid flow that is part of our original movement. Expect peak poses and themes weaved throughout the class. Be prepared to have a deep Shavasana experience at the end ~ Bodhi Tree 
  • Bodhi Vinyasa: 
    • A powerful class that connects fast and slow movements with the breath and free-flowing movement. Vinyasa means to flow from posture to posture with the breath. The practice becomes, over time, with practice, a moving meditation ~ Bodhi Tree 


Nurse Burnout Yoga Retreat

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, where all the MedTreks Yoga classes are held. 


Food as Medicine: 

Nosara is located in the Nicoya Peninsula, also known as one of the five Blue Zones in the world. With a focus on health, fitness, and nutrition, this town is overflowing with natural juice bars and delicious boutique restaurants. Some of our favorites:

  • Taco Tuesday at El Chivo
  • Happy Hour at Harmony Hotel
  • Breakfast Burrito at our Nosara Hotel overlooking the ocean
  • Green Wave smoothie after Yoga at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches from the local Organic grocery store
  • Acai bowl at The Guilded Iguana



Nosara Spanish Institute:

Tucked away in the tropical forest just a 1-minute walk from downtown Guiones with lots of great shops and restaurants, Nosara Spanish Institute is the host for the Medical Spanish course. The topics were designed by the professionally trained professors at the Nosara Spanish Institute with the collaboration of MedTreks directors.



All the other activities! 

Birding, hiking, kayaking, zip-lining, ATV rides, horse riding, snorkeling…you name it, & Nosara has it! There are a few mornings during the trip that are specifically left open to either surf, walk the beach, read a book by the pool…or enjoy one of the several adventurous that Nosara has! The highlights this time were:

  • Kayaking the Rio Nosara looking for crocodiles and hiking through the jungle to check out Howler Monkeys
  • Zip-Lining on the second-longest Zip-line in the world
  • Baby Turtle Viewing at Playa Ostional! Just hours after the turtles hatched from their eggs, at sunrise, our group got to watch this cute little creature make their first trek across the beach for their first ocean swim!


Medical Spanish for Nurses

So many outdoor activities to choose from! 

Why Learn Medical Spanish?

After spending years in the medical field, we realize that learning Medical Spanish can be incredibly intimidating for several health professionals. This is why we have created MedTreks Medical Spanish courses in Costa Rica and in Peru. We firmly believe that after 1-2 weeks in an immersive Spanish course with regular Spanish activities/homework, health professionals can learn to be proficient in the basics in just a few months.

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Want to learn Medical Spanish, earn nursing credits and explore incredible places? 


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