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Supporting health workers to care for their communities: 

It is a sunny Sunday afternoon in January 2018. Chairs are stacked and benches are aligned, HopeCore is setting up a free mobile health clinic in one of the local churches after the morning service. On this particular week, a group of MedTreks nurses from the United States are working with HopeCore, collaborating in educational and patient care activities. Within the first hour, dozens of patients are lined up at the door, patiently awaiting care. This might be the only opportunity some villagers will have to get their blood pressure checked in months.


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The power of the HopeCore health team is a sight to see, efficient and effective, patients are filed through different stations receiving free health screenings and treatment for a variety of illnesses including HIV, hypertension, diabetes and asthma. Within a few hours, over 70 patients had been screened or treated. The MedTreks nurses were in awe by the capacity and clinical skill level of the HopeCore nurses and health workers, but one thing stood out as an impediment to the quality of care they were able to give their patients. It was something that was beyond the control of the HopeCore team.

It was identified that because of the sheer volume of patients that the HopeCore health team was seeing, crucial equipment such as stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs where often not available, as they were passed back and forth between the nurses and clinical teams. This lead to increased wait times for patients and although HopeCore health teams did not complain, they knew that they could be providing more efficient care if they had the right equipment.

The solution to this issue seemed easily achievable and very necessary, and so a few MedTreks nurses returned home, created a local fundraiser and acquired additional donations from previous MedTreks volunteers. This allowed the team to raise enough funds to purchase fully equipped nursing “Go Bags” for the entire HopeCore nursing team, that was then distributed to HopeCore the following year, this past January. The nursing bags included durable, over-the-shoulder messenger bags filled with a high-quality stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, scissors, safety goggles, SAM splint, and various wound care supplies.


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This week, in one of the clinical reports, the HopeCore team shared a sweet success story that involves their gratitude for these bags.

“Today, while group A was going back to the office from Muringo community MCH, we found an old lady of about 70 years who had been knocked down by a hit and run vehicle while crossing the road with a sack full of mangoes. She was visibly in pain. with blood oozing from near the right eye, and the left leg. She also had lacerations in other parts of the body. On assessment, she was alert and able to obey the command and localize pain. She was complaining of shoulder joint pain in both shoulders. The assessment showed no clear shoulder dislocation as they retained their mobility (360°). The team quickly set out to administer first aid. Arresting the bleeding, washing off debris from the wound with normal saline and lightly dressing the wound. we then administered Diclofenac tablet 100mg. we left the accident site as she was being assisted into a car for further management at the hospital. Grateful for the nurse’s bags donated by the MedTreks team. Nearly every supply we used was already in the bags”

Providing the materials and resources for HopeCore to be able to effectively do their jobs is an honor. As far as the MedTreks team is concerned, we have been overwhelmed by the professional and clinical skills of the HopeCore health team and we are dedicated to doing our best to continuing to support them the best we can with their important work of delivering free healthcare to the communities of rural Kenya.

If you would like to make a contribution to help provide ongoing supplies to our entire clinical team through the first aid kits and nursing bags, please follow this link HERE

100% of your donations will go to the HopeCore clinical team.

Asante Sana!


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