Emergency Room nurses join MedTreks team in Kenya



MedTreks Emergency Medicine Nurses

A team of nurses and nurse practitioners from a Southern Oregon Emergency Department, join MedTreks in Kenya and share their experience to their colleagues back at home:

Within minutes, plastic chairs and tables are set out, and a few large bins of medical supplies are lifted from the old, green Land Cruisers. Children, mothers and villagers start to form in lines on the red dirt, waiting to be triaged by several Asante medical professionals, who are working with the Village HopeCore, a  Public Health project in Kenya that offers services to over 100,000 villagers.

For the past 2 years, several Asante Employees have joined up with MedTreks International, a program that provides education and training to local Kenyan healthcare workers at HopeCore. The World Health Organization estimates that Africa has 24% of the world’s burden of disease but only 3% of the workforce to address it.  The mission of MedTreks, is to build healthcare capacity in Kenya through hands-on skills training, educational courses and Telehealth consultation.


Medical Trip Kenya


Over the past 17 years, the HopeCore Public Health program has expanded greatly and now provides mobile clinics to over 500 villages and 200 schools. In rural Kenya where transportation is a challenge, making mobile health services available is critical. Our Asante employees have been incredibly helpful in providing ongoing training for our Kenyan staff of 90, says Ari Rasori, NP at RRMC and Director of MedTreks program. 


Medical Volunteer Abroad


During a 9 day village stay, Asante employees get very little time to rest. They are either providing full day trainings on various topics such as CPR, 1st Aid, Maternal Health and pediatrics, or they are out in the “field” setting up mobile clinics, working with the HopeCore health team performing health screenings and treating various acute and chronic illnesses.  Each day ends with a debriefing meeting, addressing barriers to care and ways in which the program can be improved. 

This January, another team of Asante employees will join MedTreks and board a plane to Kenya returning to work with HopeCore, helping with medical training and mobile clinic delivery. We are lucky to have such dedicated health professionals from Asante on our crew! 

Nursing Coures


Asante Employees: Jennifer Dengler PA-C, Lynn Sullivan FNP, Ariane Rasori FNP, Julie Wallace RN, Andrea Bekken RN, Whitney Hampson RN.

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